What Is Administrative Reforms Commission Upsc?

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What is Administrative Reforms Commission India?

The Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) is the committee appointed by the Government of India for giving recommendations for reviewing the public administration system of India. The first ARC was established on 5 January 1966.

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What do you mean by administrative reforms?

Administrative reform is a political process designed to adjust the relationships between a bureaucracy and other elements in a society, or within the bureaucracy itself. 1. A different use of the phrase has grown out of efforts to assist in the modernisation of new and developing nations.

Which ARC is important for UPSC?

Though both the ARC Report recommended effective reforms, the 2nd ARC is considered essential for the study of public administrations. It is also a part of the public administration syllabus for UPSC.

What is meant by ARC reports?

The ARC or the Administrative Reforms Commission is a committee set up by the Government of India to review the public administration system and give recommendations to improve it. The reports by the Commission are called the ARC reports.