What Is Aarc In Upsc Polticial Science Syllabus?

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What is ARC in political science?

The Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) is the committee appointed by the Government of India for giving recommendations for reviewing the public administration system of India.

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What is ARC UPSC?

ARC – Administrative Reforms Commission for UPSC. The ARC or the Administrative Reforms Commission is a committee set up by the Government of India to review the public administration system and give recommendations to improve it.

Which ARC is important for UPSC?

Though both the ARC Report recommended effective reforms, the 2nd ARC is considered essential for the study of public administrations. It is also a part of the public administration syllabus for UPSC.

Why do we read ARC reports for UPSC?

Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) Reports play a key role in terms of UPSC Civil Service Exam Perspective. The ARC Documents include information covering the details of public administration, ethics in civil services, conflict resolution, governance, etc.

What is called arc?

In Mathematics, an “arc” is a smooth curve joining two endpoints. In general, an arc is one of the portions of a circle. It is basically a part of the circumference of a circle. Arc is a part of a curve.

Why is it called arc?

He is credited with naming the arc. He called it an arc because it assumes the shape of an upward bow when the distance between the electrodes is not small.

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What is first ARC?

It is the committee first constituted by Shri Morarji Desai on 5th January 1966. ARC was appointed by the Government of India to give recommendations for reviewing the public administration system of India. 1st ARC submitted 20 reports to the Government of India containing 580 recommendations.

How many ARCs are there in India?

Association of ARCs in India is a Representative Body of 28 Asset Reconstruction Companies registered with Reserve Bank of India.

What is ARC in India?

Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) have been created to bring about a system for recovering Non Performing Assets (NPAs) from the books of secured lenders and unlocking the value of Non-Performing Assets (NPA). Reserve Bank of India (RBI) provides license for ARCs and ARCs are empowered by the SARFAESI Act.

Which arcs can I skip?

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