What In Line 1 Address In Upsc Online Application?

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What do you put in address line 1?

Address line 1 should contain the primary address information and secondary address information (e.g., floor, suite or mail stop number) on one line. Address line 2 should contain the building/dorm or school name.

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What is address line 1 of my location?

Address Line 1 is the first line of your address where you will indicate the primary and secondary address information such as your civic number, street address, and the building or apartment number.

What does address line 1 and address line 2 mean?

In North America, most addresses include two lines for the street address. The first line is typically reserved for the building number and the street name, while the second line is used for the suite or apartment number. This system became common after the introduction of postal zip codes in 1963.

What is address line 1 and 2 Example?

If you live in a house at 623 Elm Street, you probably don’t need Address Line 2 at all. If you’re at 623 Elm Street (Line 1), Apartment 2 (Line 2), you do need the extra field. In common practice, though, many other things end up in Address Line 2: Secondary addresses.

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What is address line 1 and 2 of my location?

Number of your flat / bungalow and name of your Apartment / Society is your first line of address, nearby landmark, area locality is second!

What does it mean address 1?

The first line of an address, typically a street number and name.

What is address line 1 and 2 and 3?

Address Line 1 is generally for the civic number and street name (street address). Address Line 2 is for the apartment, suite, unit number, or other address designation that is not part of the physical address. Address Line 3 is typically for the city, state, and zip code.

What is a address Line 2 option?

“Address Line 2” form fields — where users add an apartment number, suite, or other “secondary” address information — will typically only be used by a minority of users.

How do you fill out an address line?

Place the recipient’s name on the first line. On the second line, write the building number and street name. Include the city, state and ZIP code on the final line.

Why are there two lines for address?

In the US, two lines are often provided to allow space for parts of the address which don’t fit/belong on a single line such as ‘apt 10’ or ‘suite 1B’. It can also be used for instructions to the package carrier such as ‘SIGNATURE REQUIRED’.