What Attire Should We Wear In The Upsc Interview?

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Can I wear kurta for UPSC interview?

UPSC Interview Dress Code for Female For Women, wearing Indian clothes such as salwar kurta with a dupatta, sarees, and kurti with a jacket are some of the best options.

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Is it mandatory to wear coat in UPSC interview?

Women should prefer Indian formal dresses, you can opt for a regular suit in case you are not comfortable with a saree. The color of your suit must be light and sober preferably cotton made. Both men and women should be dressed appropriately in simple clothes for the UPSC interview.

Can we wear jeans in UPSC exam?

There is no dress code for the exam day mandated by UPSC Prelims 2021. However, it is advisable to not carry or wear anything valuable as there is risk of losing it.

Can IAS wear short dresses?

There is no specific standard for IAS officers, they just need to wear formal clothing on official occasions, but IPS needs to wear their authorised uniform on a daily basis.

Does Tattoo affect UPSC?

Wearing a tattoo doesn’t restrict you to appear for UPSC civil services. IAS aspirants and civil service aspirants can definitely have a tattoo on their body parts except for the face, finger, forearm, and other parts, which are generally visible.

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Can I wear Kurti in interview?

You can also opt for a straight and long kurta in cotton or Lucknowi style. Shirts and tops: Full or half-sleeve shirts are good to wear for a casual interview. Prefer shirts with simple or no design. You can also opt for casual tops, however, make sure that the top has a comfortable fit.

Can anyone fail in UPSC interview?

If the candidate’s total marks (Mains + Interview) is above the cut-off mark fixed by UPSC, then he/she gets the chance to get into the final merit list. If the total marks do not cross the cut-off marks, then the candidate is considered failed in UPSC Interview.

What should a girl wear for UPSC interview?

Women should preferably wear formal Indian wear to the UPSC interview. If you are not comfortable with a sari, a salwar suit would do. But make sure whatever you wear is of a light, sober colour. It should be cotton.

Do IAS have dress code?

Unlike the Indian Police Service (IPS) or defence personnel who are expected to appear in uniform while on duty, there’s no “official” dress code for IAS officers.

Are shoes allowed in UPSC?

Try to wear very light clothes and avoid socks and heavy shoes as you would face delay in checking done by the Officers at the entrance. Candidates on a day before their exam must eat light and have lots of water to keep them hydrated.