Should A Woman Start Preparing Fr Upsc At 26?

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Which age is best to start preparing for UPSC?

Preparation of IAS From The Age of 18 Years – An Ideal Age 18 is the ideal age to embark on the journey of IAS. This is so because at this age students have completed their school exams and step into the college for pursuing graduation.

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Can I start IAS at 26?

There is no specific age set for starting the preparation for IAS. But most IAS aspirants start preparing for this exam after graduation at the age of 21 or 22 years. But, there are many of the candidates who first try to join any other service and then start preparing for UPSC after 26 or 28 years of age.

When did Shruti Sharma start preparing for UPSC?

She began her UPSC preparation 4 years ago and started off by studying NCERTs.

Who is youngest cracking UPSC?

Ansar Shaikh is the youngest IAS Officer in India. He is a 2016 batch IAS who secured an AIR 361 and made his place on the UPSC Toppers List. Ansar Shaikh was just 21 years of age when he achieved this feat. He chose Marathi as a subject for taking the Mains exam and Interview.

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Can shy people become IAS?

Do you have an IAS dream and are you held back because you think you are an introvert? Worry not! Even introverts can become civil servants.

At what age did Srushti Deshmukh become IAS?

At what age did Srushti Jayant Deshmukh become an IAS? Srushti is among one of the youngest candidates who cracked one of the toughest exams UPSC also at the age of 23, she cleared her exam in her first attempt itself.

Who is the smallest age IAS officer?

Ansar Shaikh The Youngest IAS Officer Of India At The Age Of 21 years.

How many hours did Shruti Deshmukh study?

* Deshmukh studied for 6 – 7 hours daily and relied heavily on online sources for her preparation.

When did Tina Dabi started preparing?

Tina started preparing for UPSC exam after completing her graduation. For the preparations, Tina used to revise every topic at least thrice, she says, adding she’d read the newspaper regularly. Due to her keen interest in political science, she chose it as her optional subject in graduation.

How can I get air 1 in UPSC?

Be clear about the exam pattern, syllabus and the demand of UPSC. Don’t be distracted, always be inquisitive in your approach. Most importantly, don’t waste time. Even if you get 5 minutes, try utilizing it in studies.