Is India Member Of Global Peatland Initiative Upsc?

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Does India have peat?

In India, peatlands occupy roughly 320–1,000 square kilometres area. According to Nuutinen, the FAO soil organic carbon map showed low levels of top soil in India. It should be remembered that peatland drainage can deplete the organic layer relatively rapidly.

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What is the global peatlands Initiative?

The Global Peatlands Initiative is an effort by leading experts and institutions formed by 13 founding members at the UNFCCC COP in Marrakech, Morocco in 2016 to save peatlands as the world’s largest terrestrial organic carbon stock and to prevent it being emitted into the atmosphere.

What is peatland upsc?

Peatlands are the natural areas covered by peat. Swamp forests, fens, bogs or mires are various forms of peat. In permafrost regions towards the poles and at high altitudes, in coastal areas, under tropical rainforests and in boreal forests, they are mainly found.

Which Indian state is famous for peat soil?

Peaty and marshy soils are found in a few districts of Kerala. On the other hand, marshy soils are found in coastal areas of some states such as Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Almora district of Uttaranchal, and Sundarbans of West Bengal.

Where are peatlands in India?

Peatlands in India have been recorded in Arunachal Pradesh, northern parts of Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala. Parts of the Western Ghats range are also reported to have peatlands. Other regions with potential distribution of peatlands are mangroves and delta regions.

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How many countries have peatlands?

More than 180 countries are home to a special type of wetland called a peatland. Peatlands are ecosystems made of the accumulation of thick layers of peat.

What countries have peatlands?

Russia, Canada, the United States, and Indonesia have the most peatlands in the world. Countries with the largest peatlands in the world are Russia, Canada, the United States, and Indonesia.

What countries use peat?

85% of the global peatland area is in only four countries, Russia, Canada, USA and Indonesia.

What are the two types of peatlands?

Peatlands are strongly influenced by hydrology, chemistry, and associated flora and vegetation, and occur as two types: fens and bogs. Fens are peatlands that are minerotrophic, while bogs are ombrotrophic.

What is the difference between wetland and peatland?

Peatlands are wetlands with a thick water-logged soil layer made up of dead and decaying plant material. Peatlands include moors, bogs, mires, peat swamp forests and permafrost tundra. Peatlands represent half of the Earth’s wetlands and cover 3% of the global total land area.