Is Compulsory To Clear Gpsc For Upsc Exam?

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What is Upsc GPSC?

GPSC exam syllabus is similar to the UPSC Syllabus; the only difference is GPSC syllabus will have topics on History, Culture, Geography concerning the state of Gujarat. Candidates can check eligibility for the GPSC exam.

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Which job is best in GPSC?

Best post for GPSC Gujarat administrative Examination is Dy Collector. This is the highest cadre in GAS examination.

Which language is best for GPSC exam?

EXAM STRUCTURE OF GPSC GUJARAT ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES. The medium of the examination shall be English and Gujarati.

Which stream is best for GPSC exam?

GPSC mainly focus on GS subjects; like History , Geography, Polity , Economics, Science & Tech , Current affairs , Art & Culture, Public Administration , Ethics. Along with these subjects you have to study 2 Languages [ Gujarati & English ] & Maths reasoning.

Which exam is hard GPSC or UPSC?

The UPSC civil services exam is considered one of the toughest exams in India.

Is 1 year enough for GPSC?

If you are focusing on GPSC for class 1-2, you should be ready to work for 1 year or longer.

Is it easy to crack GPSC?

Is the GPSC exam tough? Ans. If you have a dedicated and focused mind, then cracking any kind of competitive exam is not a difficult task. Try to focus on the prelims first and focus on all the subjects that are important in the paper.

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How to study for GPSC?

Understand the exam syllabus. Make a timetable. One of the very important things to note if you want to prepare for the GPSC AE exam is to be regular with your studies. Use trusted books. Take frequent breaks. Revise properly.

How many attempts do I get for GPSC?

The GPSC has not specified the maximum number of attempts available to a candidate. However, there is an age limit set by the GPSC which means that the candidate can only apply till the age of 36 years.

Can I crack GPSC without coaching?

You will have to join some class for GPSC preparation. This is because you don’t have time to waste trying to curate your reading material and research what is important and what is not. Coaching classes will also help you maintain a schedule and help you connect with others with the same goals.