Is Caste Certifiicates Issued By Delhi Govt Valid For Upsc?

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Is State govt caste certificate valid for UPSC?

Once a candidate is qualified for the Main Examination (in case of the Civil Services Examination), he/she is required to upload copy of his/her SC/ST certificate alongwith the Detailed Application Form (DAF).

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Is Delhi caste certificate valid all over India?

This is not valid because the list of Castes is State specific. As such a member of SC/ST/OBC is eligible for benefits in his state of origin only. A member of Backward Community, who migrates to other State is not entitled to get benefits, from the state of migration.

Can I fill UPSC form with State caste certificate?

( under section “Forms & Download”. The candidate may download the requisite format from there. The certificate issued by any other authority is not accepted.

Is Delhi OBC certificate is central certificate?

An individual who is a citizen of India. An individual who is currently residing in Delhi. If applicant have migrated to Delhi after 8th September1993 then he/she will be eligible for OBC Certificate (Central) of the State to which he originally belonged to.

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What is difference between caste certificate of state and central government?

The difference between state and central Obc/caste certificate is that the state one changes from state to state so it’s inadmissible in most of the other state. however the central format is valid all over India and helps run things along smoothly.

What is the validity of caste certificate for UPSC?

However, for most practical purposes, the validity of an OBC NCL Certificate is treated like 1 year. If your OBC NCL certificate was obtained before 1 year, it is always better to get a new OBC NCL before applying for exams.

What is caste certificate issuing authority in Delhi?


Is Central caste certificate valid in Delhi?

Suggested: Browse the list of colleges/universities accepting CUET 2022 Score. Free Download! Yes you can apply for admission in Delhi University in any course with the help of your caste certificate. It is completely valid.

Is Du accept Delhi OBC certificate?

? The candidates must note that the EWS / OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) / SC / ST Certificate from any other person / authority shall not be accepted in any case.

How are certificates verified by UPSC?

UPSC will send information to the police station of your area to enquire and give a certificate. The police will verify the facts and submit the report.