Is Ba Good For Upsc Preparation?

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Can I prepare for UPSC with BA?

As you know, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational qualification needed to appear for the UPSC exam. Check the other eligibility criteria for IAS exam in the linked article.

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Which BA is best for UPSC?

Political Science honours is the best option if you want to prepare for UPSC with BA. It helps a lot. Political Science honours is the best option if you want to prepare for UPSC with BA. It helps a lot.

Which is best BA or BA Honours for UPSC?

It provide specialisation in that subject. You can do any of these for preparation of UPSC. But opting for simple BA is better because it offers a course curriculum in all the major subjects that will help you in UPSC exam.

Is UPSC easy for arts students?

If you are from the humanities or arts stream, it is possible to crack UPSC without coaching art students. In fact, the arts stream gives an extra edge in terms of syllabus subjects. A proper preparation strategy, sheer determination, and practice are all that it takes to crack the UPSC exam.

Is BA good for civils?

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational criteria required to take the exam. Having an apt graduation degree is one of the several ways to strengthen the preparation for the Civil Services exam. Candidates are advised to strategise and go for a B.A. course that has some common syllabus or link to the UPSC exam.

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Can BA students clear UPSC?

Coming to your course, BA is all time suggested and one of the best course for cracking UPSC examination. Once you clear your UPSC examination your graduation and the College or your course are not consider. So no matter where you have done your graduation, you will get a job only if you crack it.

In which subject BA is good?

Which subject is best for BA? BA Economics and BA Political Science are considered to be the best options. Most of the central universities in India have a high cutoff for these two courses. BA Economics also provides various employment opportunities for graduating students.

Which BA degree is best?

Information Technology. Engineering Management. Petroleum Engineering. Finance/Financial Management. Physics. Pharmacy. Computer Engineering. Aerospace Engineering.

Is arts better for IAS?

Arts scores over the Science and Commerce Streams So, it is advisable to opt for the stream of Arts as it would allow you to prepare better and score higher at all the three stages of the IAS Exam.

Is syllabus of UPSC and BA same?

The Syllabus of UPSC CSE General Studies is Same for all the Students irrespective of their degrees. But Syllabus varies in Optional Papers according to your opted Subject in Optional Papers. 1.