Is Any Upsc Cse Topper Taken Ips?

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Which rank is highest in IPS?

Each state police force is headed by an IPS officer in the rank of Director General of Police. The head of a state police force has the designation of Director General of Police, and is assisted by one to several Additional or Special DGPs.

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What post does a UPSC topper gets?

Highest Post in Indian Administrative Services The Cabinet Secretary is the IAS top post and senior civil officer of the India’s government.

Which state gives highest number of IPS?

The highest numbers of IAS, IPS & IFS aspirants are from Bihar.

Who is the No 1 IPS in India?

Shivdeep Waman Lande: In his career, he has arrested many fake cosmetic sellers and the medicine mafia which is why he is one of the best IPS officers in the country. He is also very active in taking strict action against eve-teasers.

What is called 3 star police?

3. Inspector General of Police. 4. Deputy Inspector General of Police.

How can I get air 1 in UPSC?

Be clear about the exam pattern, syllabus and the demand of UPSC. Don’t be distracted, always be inquisitive in your approach. Most importantly, don’t waste time. Even if you get 5 minutes, try utilizing it in studies.

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What is the lowest post in IPS?

ASP rank is the junior most rank on an IPS state cadre.

Which state is famous for IAS?

As seen from the table, the maximum number of IAS officers in India is from the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Is IAS superior to IPS?

In the ranking wise, an IAS officer ranks at the top whereas an IPS officer comes after IAS officers in the second position. Also, the IAS officer enjoys more benefits than the IPS officer.

Is IAS big or IPS big?

After the passing of the Indian Councils Act, 1861 by the British government the Indian Imperial Police was formed 1861. IAS is considered the topmost position among all the administrative services. IPS is in the second rank after IAS.