Is Any Salary When Training After Upsc Cds?

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What is the highest salary in CDS?

The Salary ranges between INR 56,100 – 1,77,500 at the Lieutenant level (i.e. after completing training). During the training period, the lady and gentlemen candidates are given a fixed stipend of INR 56,100 per month.

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What post do you get after CDS?

Posts under Combined Defence Services (CDS) The starting point of an officer career in the Indian Armed Forces is the Lieutenant (Army) Sub Lieutenant (Navy) Flying Officer) upon passing the CDS.

Does CDS give permanent commission?

Yes. CDS provides an opportunity to Short service commission as well as permanent commission. You can get permanent commission by getting into AFA, IMA and INA.

How many years of training after CDS?

Ans. The training period for Navy, Army, Air Force officers after CDS examination is of 18 months whereas for Officer’s Training academy it is for 49 weeks.

What happens after clearing CDS?

After the release of the CDS Result, candidates who successfully clear the CDS Written exam need to register for the SSB Interview. Following this, all the registered candidates will be sent the SSB call letter where the SSB Interview date and SSB Centre will be mentioned.

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Do CDS cadets get paid?

CDS salary 2023 for recruited candidates depends on the ranks they hold in their academies. The general pay bracket for ranks Lieutenant to COAS is ? 56,100/- to ? 2,50,000/-. The salary of the recruits is subjected to change if they promote to a higher rank.

Is CDS training hard?

The CDS exam is conducted by UPSC every year, However, it’s neither tough nor easy. We often tell all your aspiration filled students that the moment they start thinking that the CDS exam is hard or tough. The moment their subconscious starts showing a positive response to clear the CDS exam.

Which branch is best for CDS?

Naval Academy B.Sc. with Physics & Mathematics or Bachelor of Engineering. Air Force Academy B.Sc. with Physics and/or Mathematics or Bachelor of Engineering.

Is CDS a field job?

The CDS involves three fields: Air, Navy, and Army. Here is the table for all these three services separately. The table shows the salary details of the Combined Defence Services.

What is the duty of CDS officer?

The CDS is the head of the Army, Navy and Air Force and is be a four-star military officer. He/she is in a position to advise on the matters related to all the three segments of the military. The appointment of CDS aims to make India’s armed forces integrated.