How Was Upsc Ese 2019 Ece Paper?

Which engineering branch is best for ese?

The truth is that number of vacancies in the civil branch in IES, EVERY year, are by far the highest in numbers as compared to the other three branches (ME, EE, E&T). This is because most of the public works executed by the government involve civil engineering (be it buildings, flyovers…).

Is IES toughest exam in India?

The overall difficulty level of UPSC ESE/IES Prelims 2022 Paper-1 & 2 was Moderate to Difficult. UPSC ESE/IES Prelims 2022 Exam Analysis: The Union Public Service Commission conducted the UPSC Engineering Services Exam (ESE) 2022 on 20th February 2022.

What is the success rate of IES?

The IES Interview round contains 200 marks. If any candidate can score 140 – 160 in the interview round it is considered to be a good score and there is a change of being a topper. IES Exam is known to have a success rate of only 0.5%.

Who is the youngest IES officer?

Abhishek Dhamankar (Youngest IES officer) delivered the lecture on carrier Guidance and how to prepare for competitive exams.

Do IES officers get free time?

With the immense facility provided by the government, the IES officers are also given enough holidays to go around with their families.

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Is ECE better than CSE?

The only difference lies in the interest of the candidates while deciding upon the courses. A candidate with an interest in electronics and having achieved all the above eligibility can apply for the course of ECE. Similarly, candidates who have got interested in computer science can take up the course of CSE.

Which branch is easy to crack IES?

Well, for IES job you may opt Mechanical or Civil as best branch under B. tech. The candidates from this background makes it somewhat easy for themselves to crack the UPSC conducting IES Exam and get selected in the finer jobs.

Which is the 3 toughest exam in India?

UPSC Civil Services Exam. IIT- JEE. Chartered Accountant (CA) NEET UG. AIIMS UG. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) National Defence Academy (NDA) Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT)

Do IES officer get foreign trips?

You will get two years of paid leave for educating yourself further. You can go on abroad trips during training as well as service years for skill training and learning opportunities.

What is the highest post in IES?

Providing 30 years of services to the government of India able them to be at the position of senior general manager or engineer-in-chief. The best performance of the IES officers with experience of 34 years leads them to become chairman or managing director of governmental organisation.