How To Watch Unacademy Videos Sequentially For Upsc?

Can I watch downloaded Unacademy videos after subscription ends?

After downloading the Content Provider Content, you shall have access to the same for the Subscription Period only and all access to the downloaded content shall be removed on expiry or termination of your Subscription, as the case maybe.

Who is the best teacher for CSAT on Unacademy?

Sachin Warulkar. B. Rohit Sanjay Jadhav. 8+ Years Experience Of Teaching General Science, Maths, Reasoning, Current Affairs & Ethics in UPSC|MPSC|BANK|SSC|RLY . Saurabh Rajendra Sonawane.

Who has cleared UPSC by Unacademy?

UPSC Civil Services 2021 final results are out! Shruti Sharma tops, 685 qualified.

Who is the youngest UPSC topper?

Ansar Shaikh: He is the youngest IAS Officer in India. Ansar, a 2016 batch IAS Officer, currently serves in the West Bengal Cadre. Tina Dabi: A 2015 UPSC IAS Topper needs no introduction.

Who is #1 Unacademy teacher?

Venkatesh Chaturvedi – Category Leader at Unacademy.

How do I permanently download Unacademy videos?

You cannot directly download video from Unacademy. You can download it with the help of IDM (Internet Download Manager) software.

How do I watch downloaded videos on Unacademy?

Can we use Unacademy on 2 devices at same time?

You can login to 3 devices -2 mobile and 1 laptop or vice-versa. But at a time you can use only one device. Someone changed my login details of my Unacademy Plus subscription. How do I recover my account?

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Which UPSC coaching has highest success rate?

Youth Destination is a well known IAS coaching in Delhi that has the highest success rate for IAS preparation. The institute provides help for all the three stages of the IAS examination: preliminary exam, mains and interview round or personality tests.

What is the highest score in CSAT?

Date of CSAT exam: 10th October 2021. Language of CSAT exam paper: English/Hindi. Maximum Marks: 200.