How To Use Ignou Materials For Upsc?

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Is Ignou material good for UPSC?

Because of IGNOU notes content, quality, authenticity, affordability and outstanding depth of knowledge it is very popular in IAS aspirants community. IGNOU notes has been developed for the likeminded students to help them and achieve their goals. It’s like on panacea for IAS candidates.

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How can I learn Ignou material?

To View/Download IGNOU Study Material first register at . Select registration type and press and fill in the Registration Form. You will receive a mail containing a special URL.

Which online study material is best for UPSC?

How many IAS are there in IGNOU?

Two IGNOU graduates have cleared this year’s civil services, and are set to become IAS officers. The Indira Gandhi National Open University or IGNOU today has 18 lakh students.

How can I study a lot of material in one day?

Wake up early. Choose the right place to work. Go to the library prepared. Create a plan before you start. Refrain from panicking. Use lecture slides and past papers. Study without technology and social media. Re-read your lecture notes and highlight.

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Do we have to pay for IGNOU study material?

IGNOU University is sending the printed study materials to the IGNOU Students after taking admission to the university and its fee is included in your admission fee.

Is IGNOU study material free?

IGNOU Study Material is Free of cost to download from e-gyankosh website. Any IGNOU student or non- IGNOU student can download the study material as there in no any requirement of login or payment. The link to download IGNOU study material for ALL Programme (BAG, BSC. MEG, MCOM etc ) is given below in table.

Is studying 5 hours a day enough for UPSC?

1) An aspirant may not be able to concentrate fully for the entire 5 hours; hence there will be gaps, 2) An aspirant has to study GS, optional, current affairs, etc., every day, and to divide the 5 hours, may not be effective. Hence, an aspirant should try to put at least 7-8 hours every day and gradually increase it.

Which hobby is best for UPSC?

Travelling. Primarily, travelling gives you a break from the daily monotonous life. Watching movies. One may wonder how movies are helpful for the preparation of the IAS exam. Internet surfing. Reading. Blogging. Teaching.

How can I memorize faster in UPSC?

1) Learn Like You are Talking. Don’t be a bookworm. 2) Revise Regularly. 3) Don’t Just Read. 4) Adopt Learn by Fun. 5) Teach & learn. 6) Try Mnemonics. 7) Test Yourself. 8) Keep Short Study Sessions.