How To Study Gs Iii Upsc 2018?

How to study GS 3 for UPSC?

NCERT Class X – Understanding Economic Development. NCERT Class XI – Indian Economic Development. NCERT Class XII – Macroeconomics (chapters 2,5 and 6 are very important) Indian Economy for Civil Services Examinations – Ramesh Singh.

How many questions are in GS Paper 3?

The major features of the General Studies Paper III in Mains Exam are: There are 20 questions printed in both English and Hindi, the questions can be answered only in the language specified during application. The paper is of a total of 250 marks. The word limit for 10 marks questions is 150 and, for 15 marks is 250.

What is the syllabus of GS Paper 3?

The subjects included in the GS 3 Syllabus are Economic Development, Technology, Biodiversity, Environment, Security, and Disaster Management.

How do I start studying GS?

Start your preparation with NCERT books of 10th and 12th standard on various subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Science, Indian Foreign policy & International Relation etc. and then go through other books recommended for G.S. It will be better to prepare G.S. mains first and then for Prelim.

Which optional helps in GS?

Choosing optional subjects with maximum GS overlap: History. Geography. Political science & international relations. Economics. Public administration. Choosing the Right Optional Subject for UPSC Civil Services Mains. Related Links:

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Is GS Paper 2 qualifying?

General Studies paper-2 (CSAT) consists of 80 questions of 2.5 marks each. However, CSAT is a qualifying paper. Candidates have to score a minimum of 33.33 % or 66 marks to qualify. Only GS paper- 1 marks are considered for the cutoff.

How can I cover GS in UPSC?

So for beginners, the best way to start the preparation for GS is to study all the NCERT from class VI to class XII for History, Geography, Economics, and Polity, the NCERT books for class XII and XII must be studied in addition to the lower class NCERTs.

Is GS Paper 2 and CSAT same?

There are still two papers. However, both papers are now worth 200 marks. The GS Paper II in UPSC Prelims became a test to gauge IAS aspirants’ analytical abilities. Commonly, the GS Paper II is referred to as the CSAT ( Civil Services Aptitude Test).

Is GS score material good for UPSC?

GS SCORE provides aspirants with self-explanatory and exhaustive study material notes for IAS aspirants preparing to give the UPSC CSE. GS SCORE has prepared the most comprehensive and concise General Studies (GS) notes in simple English to help aspirants understand the concepts effectively.

How can I improve my GK GS?

The best way to improve GK is also the most traditional one, i.e., reading books! Reading various books, both fiction and nonfiction, will add to your knowledge, as every book contains knowledge that you might not know. It will also improve your grammar and your command of language.