How To Recharge Ground Water Upsc?

How do you recharge the groundwater?

For example, groundwater can be artificially recharged by redirecting water across the land surface through canals, infiltration basins, or ponds; adding irrigation furrows or sprinkler systems; or simply injecting water directly into the subsurface through injection wells.

Which is the best method for groundwater recharge?

Direct surface techniques This method of groundwater recharge is very simple and most widely used. Under this method stored surface water is directly conveys into an aquifer without infiltration and water percolates naturally through the unsaturated zones of soil profile and join the groundwater table.

What are the methods of artificial recharge of ground water?

Four types of source water may be available for artificial recharge viz. (i) Insitu precipitation on the watershed. (ii) Surface (canal) supplies from large reservoirs located within basin (iii) Surface supplies through trans basin water transfer. (iv) Treated municipal and industrial wastewaters.

Which of the following is used to recharge the ground water?

Processes. Water is recharged naturally by rain and snow melt and to a smaller extent by surface water (rivers and lakes).

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What are the two methods of recharging groundwater aquifers?

Two methods of recharging groundwater are: Artificial Recharge of Groundwater. Subsurface Groundwater Recharge.

What is recharging of groundwater and how is it required?

Recharging of groundwater takes place by the rainwater and water present in the water source like river and ponds. The water tends to seep through the soil and fill the empty spaces and cracks below the ground. That’s how groundwater gets recharged.

What are three methods of cleaning groundwater?

1.3.1 Pump and treat. 1.3.2 Air sparging. 1.3.3 Dual phase vacuum extraction. 1.3.4 Monitoring-well oil skimming.

What is groundwater recharge simple?

Recharge occurs when surface water, either from direct precipitation or from rivers and lakes, percolates downwards through the microscopic spaces in the soil and rock profile. Eventually, the infiltrated water may make its way into an underground water-bearing rock formation, known as an aquifer.

How is groundwater recharged and replenished?

Ground water is replenished by precipitation and, depending on the local climate and geology, is unevenly distributed in both quantity and quality.

What are the 4 cleaning methods?

Step One: Remove Debris. The very first thing to do in order to clean effectively is to clear and remove debris from the surface. Step Two: Wipe Down Surfaces. Step Three: Disinfect Surfaces. Step Four: Sanitize Surfaces.