How To Prepare Gs4 For Upsc?

How do I prepare for GS4 insights?

I. Theory. Prepare a Definition for Each of the Terms in the Syllabus. Value mapping. Flow charts and Diagrams. Make a database of real life examples. II. Case studies. A standard framework for answers. Articulation.

Which book is best for GS4 Upsc?

Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude – G Subba Rao & P N Roy Chowdhury. Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for IAS General Studies Paper IV – Niraj Kumar. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude – Santosh Ajmera & Nanda Kishore Reddy. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude – M Karthikeyan.

How to cover GS4 for UPSC quora?

Read base material from a book published by Arihant’s (Yellow Book) for theory part. There was no other option at that point but I don’t think it’s such a great book. Now you’ve better options like Lukmaan IAS notes, Orient IAS notes, etc. I prepared a list of definitions based on the syllabus.

What should I study in gs4?

Ethics and Human Interface. The essence of Ethics, Determinants and Consequences of Ethics in Human Interaction. Attitude. Aptitude. Emotional Intelligence. Contributions of Thinkers and Philosophers. Public/Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration.

How can I get my GS in 3 months?

Plan of Action for 90 Days: If you take 1 mock exam each day, you can cover all 40 mock exams in 40 days. If you take 2 mock exams /day, you can cover 40 mock exams in 20 days! This means it would not take much time to learn 4000+ questions and 4000+ important concepts. This would make a big difference.

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Who is the best teacher for GS UPSC?

Dr. Anshul Bajpai ( G.S History Ph. D ever ) is a History master and is giving the best training administration to IAS competitors in the beyond couple of years. Dr.

Is 4 to 5 hours study enough for UPSC?

1) An aspirant may not be able to concentrate fully for the entire 5 hours; hence there will be gaps, 2) An aspirant has to study GS, optional, current affairs, etc., every day, and to divide the 5 hours, may not be effective. Hence, an aspirant should try to put at least 7-8 hours every day and gradually increase it.

How do I start studying for GS?

Start your preparation with NCERT books of 10th and 12th standard on various subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Science, Indian Foreign policy & International Relation etc. and then go through other books recommended for G.S. It will be better to prepare G.S. mains first and then for Prelim.

What is the last rank for IAS?

UPSC Rank Wise Post 2021 The Last Rank for IAS in UPSC Exam 2021 is 680 in the general category. IFS Rank in UPSC 2021 for the general category is 88.

What is GS 4 paper in UPSC?

UPSC Mains General Studies Paper IV (GS-IV) is about Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude. UPSC GS-IV paper is one of the nine papers of Mains Examination of the IAS Exam. This article gives details on the strategy, structure and syllabus of General Studies Paper IV of the UPSC Civil Service Mains Examination.