How To Prepare For Geography In Upsc?

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How long does it take to prepare for UPSC Geography?

Yes, 1 year is more than sufficient for UPSC Prelims Preparation, even for the self-study. During the period, one has to invest 8 hours at least daily to prepare smartly.

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How do I prepare for a Geography exam?

Which is the best source for Geography UPSC?

Indian Geography by Majid Hussain. Indian Geography by Khullar. Certificate Physical and Human geography by GC Leong. Oxford School Atlas.

How to prepare for Geography for UPSC Quora?

Geography is important subject both from prelims & mains perspective. In prelims atleast 8–10 questions are asked & for mains the weightage is 100 marks out of 250 in GS 1. So one cannot skip geography & right approach of study is important. First one should start with reading NCERTs from class 6 to 12.

Is 3 4 hours study enough for UPSC?

Some aspirants claim to be studying 15–16 hours a day to prepare to take the UPSC exam. Some can pass the exam with just 6-7 hours of study per day. There isn’t a perfect answer to this question, and candidates must determine the number of hours they spend studying each day based on their abilities and needs.

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Which book is enough for Geography UPSC?

UPSC Preparation Books from NCERT Geography Books for IAS: Geography: NCERT Class VI – The Earth Our Habitat. Geography: NCERT Class VII – Our Environment. Geography: NCERT Class VIII – Resource and Development.

What are 3 ways to study geography?

Field Trips. Kids love to learn about places they can see, touch and hear. Map Work. Learning how to create and detail maps is a lot of fun! Models. Creating models is a great hands-on activity for geography lessons! Lapbooks. Photography. Unit Studies. Family Vacations. Atlases.

How can I memorize geography quickly?

Start with the continents. Be knowledgeable about large bodies of water. Don’t be stuck up on memorizing all the countries. Use history or current events to remember better. Visualize locations. Make flashcards. Ask for help. Keep a map close by.

How do you get a1 in geography?

Know your History. I can already hear the “Isn’t this how to get an A in Geography?” already. Visualise. Break It Up. Know Your Lingo. Correlation ≠ Causation. Understand the Importance of the Topic. Diverse Sources Are Key.

Is NCERT enough for UPSC Geography?

For general studies, NCERT books work best since you need not go into the details of any concept. Generally, the old NCERT books are recommended for history and new ones for geography. All keywords in the books must be noted. Revise from the NCERT books 2 – 3 times before the UPSC exam.