How To Prepare For Compulsory Language Paper In Upsc?

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How to prepare for English compulsory paper?

Just brush up on your grammar and make it a practice to read regularly. That will help you gather a good vocabulary and help you score at least the minimum required to pass this exam which is 75 out of a total of 300.

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How can I select language in UPSC exam?

Answer – The candidates, opting for Indian Language medium for the written part of the Civil Services (Main) Examination may choose either the same Indian Language or English or Hindi as the medium for the interview.

How to prepare for English Language paper UPSC?

know your UPSC Civil Services Exam syllabus. Select Best Reference Books. Prepare a Study plan. Prepare own Preparation Notes. Practice Previous Question Papers. Practice few Mock Test Papers.

How many compulsory language papers are there in UPSC?

There are two language papers that are compulsory. They are: English language – compulsory for all candidates. Regional (Indian) language – compulsory for all candidates except those hailing from Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Meghalaya.

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How can I score maximum in English?

From the reading section to reading answers while checking for errors, you need to focus on what you read. Effective reading can lead to effective writing. More often than not, it is the lack of a proper read-through that hampers your chances of scoring a 90+ in your English exam.

How can I get full mark in English?

Identify the Name of Lesson. Identify the Name of Author/Poet/Dramatist. Read the given extract carefully. Identify key words/key concept. Identify the speaker/character. Recall the theme of poem/prose lesson.

Which language is easy for UPSC?

What is important is to develop fluency in the language you choose for the interview. You may have written the UPSC exam in English, but if you feel you are better off speaking Hindi or Tamil or any other regional language that is your native language, you can opt for it.

Which language is mostly used in UPSC exam?

The most popular language taken by candidates in Paper-A (UPSC language paper) is Hindi — One of the official languages of India. On an average about 65% of the candidates choose Hindi for Paper-A, and the rest 35% take up any one of the remaining languages.

How do you get a 9 in English Language paper 1?

Research the mark schemes. Be ‘perceptive’ Use higher order terminology when analysing a text. Squeeze all the juice out of a quote! Familiarise yourself with a wide range of texts. Practice analysis. Don’t rush the writing section. Use the exam to help you.

What is the qualifying marks for UPSC compulsory English paper?

It is one of the nine papers in UPSC Mains, however, it is qualifying in nature. It means that the score obtained in this paper is not calculated while determining the final rank. You need to score a minimum of 25% marks or 75+ marks out of 300 to pass this paper.