How To Mention Your Upsc Preparation In Resume?

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How to resume UPSC preparation?

Step 1: Go through Previous Year Questions. Step 2: Prepare a robust study Plan. Step 3: Start with making your foundation strong. Step 4: Make news-paper reading a habit. Step 5: Practice, Practice & More Practice.

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What are the 3 biggest challenges that you are facing with your UPSC preparation?

How to get started. Number of Papers to clear. Mammoth Syllabus. Unavailability of smaller unit mock tests. Devoting time. Financial Aid. Self-studying or coaching? Handling failures.

Why people say UPSC is tough?

Once you get through the written parts (prelims and mains), you have to face the IAS interview/personality test where you will be assessed on your overall personality, administrative skills and ability to face pressure. A lot of this makes the IAS exam seem really difficult to crack.