How To Get Upsc Unacdemy Plus Subscription Free?

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How do I extend my Unacademy subscription for free?

If you are using Unacademy on the Web: Click on the ‘Settings’ option under your profile on the home page. Select the ‘Extend subscription’ option.

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Is Unacademy free for UPSC?

Unacademy provides students with free live and recorded for UPSC to help with online exam preparation.

Does Unacademy give free trial?

Unacademy 7 day free trial.

How do you get 50% off in Unacademy?

up to 58% off + no cost EMI. AAI – Jr. 54% off. Unacademy deal | Save 54% off on 6 month access to AAI – Jr. up to 50% off. Take a test and win up to 50% scholarship at Unacademy. up to 49% off. Get up to 4 free months and save up to 49% on plus subscription at Unacademy. free trial. free trial. at Rs. for Rs.

Can I share my Unacademy Plus subscription with my friend?

In the event we get to know that any User has resold / transferred / shared Subscription with another person, then Unacademy retains the right to cancel/terminate the Subscription forthwith.

Is 6 month is enough for UPSC?

A 6 months long period is neither sufficient nor insufficient for UPSC prelims, it all depends upon the aspirant’s dedication and willingness to make it work.

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Which app is free for UPSC exam?

Features of the ClearIAS app Many users who don’t have access to classroom coaching use ClearIAS apps as comprehensive self-study packages for the UPSC Civil Services exam. You can download the ClearIAS apps for free.

Can I get Unacademy plus for 1 month?

Plus subscription is available for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Can I get Unacademy subscription for 3 months?

Up to 17% OFF On 3 Months Subscription Plan All users can now get quarterly membership on Unacademy and redeem up to a 17% discount. Subscribing to plans includes ample benefits and discounts. Check Unacademy Plus subscription offer details below.

How much is the cost of Unacademy Upsc?

Combo subscription starts from ₹2708/month.