How To Get Copy O Daf In Upsc?

How do I access my DAF?

Once you are on the home page, navigate to the drop-down option titled ‘Recruitment’ at the top of the screen and towards the middle. From there, you have to click on the ‘Recruitment Tests’ and you will find DAF under a list of options under Recruitment Tests.

How to download DAF 1?

DAF-1 can be accessed at the official website of UPSC– or

What is DAF document?

DAF, which stands for Detailed Application Form, is a very crucial document, and it defines everything from the career of a candidate to their posting. Hence, it is advised to all the candidates to take extra care while filling the DAF.

What is online DAF?

Online DAF has SIX modules as indicated above, namely- Personal, Educational Information, Parental Information, Employment Information, Upload documents and Final Submission. 8. Candidates are required to fill all the modules completely before finally.

How many times can you get DAF?

Between 1 May 2020 to 31 March 2023, you can get no more than 5 grants in a year (rolling 12 months).

Is DAF direct free?

DAF Direct is a free, easy-to-install web application that enables your donors to initiate grant recommendations from their donor-advised fund (DAF) directly from your website or online fundraising campaigns.

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How many DAF are there in UPSC?

Two UPSC DAF forms are to be filled, DAF-1 before the Mains exam and DAF-2 before the interview.

What is DAF in UPSC AC?

CAPF ACs Detailed Application Form (DAF) The Shortlisted Candidates will be called for Medical and Physical Tests. Before the medical examination starts, the candidates were required to submit their DAF (Detailed Application Form).

What is DAF II?

All the candidates who qualify for Personality Test/Interview on the basis of Result of Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2022 are required to submit their Order of Preferences for Participating Services through an online Detailed Application Form (DAF) -II.

Is graduation Marksheet enough for document verification in UPSC?

Degree certificate: for proof of educational qualification. (In case, the degree certificate has not been issued by the university, then the candidate should carry the provisional certificate or the mark sheet). Also, carry a self-attested photocopy of the same.