How To Download Map For Upsc?

How to do maps for UPSC?

You can use Latitude 76 °E, latitude 92 ° E, Indian Standard Meridian and Tropic of Cancer as guidelines for mapping work. With the help of these guidelines, start plotting important places/features (which are already asked by UPSC in previous year papers) on your blank Political India maps.

Which map is needed for UPSC?

Some students prefer to use the Oxford Atlas for India and the Orient Blackswan for world maps. One should also know the types of maps in Geography. You may learn about it in the linked article. Once you know about the maps, learn how to use maps effectively for UPSC examination in the linked article.

Do maps come in UPSC?

Maps have an important role in UPSC IAS Prelims, mains and in the interview as well. One should know how many countries are there, where they are located, how many continents are there etc.

How many maps are needed for UPSC?

Ans. 4 All maps i.e. Indian political, rivers, and world maps are important for the upcoming UPSC IAS Exam.

Is map pointing important for UPSC?

If you are preparing for UPSC Civil Services Prelims exam then you would know that studying maps is an integral part of IAS preparation. Map related questions are asked in Preliminary Exam and it is also very important in the optional subject paper of Geography in UPSC Main Exam.

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Which source is best for Geography UPSC?

Indian Geography by Majid Hussain. Indian Geography by Khullar. Certificate Physical and Human geography by GC Leong. Oxford School Atlas.

What are the 5 map requirements?

Title. Scale. Legend. Compass. Latitude and Longitude.

What paper is used for map?

Such a material would also need to be easily folded and allow details, symbols, and colours to be printed to a high standard of clarity. The best material to print maps for waterproof, hard wearing, and tear resistant results is a synthetic paper.

How can I learn map pointing easily?

Seterra Online, a website offering free map quiz games that use outline map exercises for memorization. Lizard Point, an educational website offering free quizzes and trivia.

Is Cracking UPSC easy?

Undoubtedly, UPSC Exam is one of the toughest competitive exams in the country and many candidates find it difficult to crack this exam. But, nothing is impossible if you approach this exam in a right and methodical way.