How To Do Art And Culture For Upsc?

How long does it take to complete Art and culture in UPSC?

Through this lesson, one will be learning very effective tricks which can be utilized by any CSE aspirant to become proficient in Art and Culture in just 15 days.

Which is best source for Art and culture UPSC?

Literary Sources. Vedic Literature. Buddhist Literature. Jain Literature. Sangam Literature. Other Literature.

What should I read in Art and culture for UPSC Prelims?

UPSC Art and Culture Preparation Strategy Likewise, also refer spectrum and Nitin Singhania notes and do the same. One can see that UPSC focusses on mostly a handful of topics such as architecture, temple styles, Jainism and Buddhism etc in which aspirants should be thorough.

What comes under Art and culture UPSC?

Indian Philosophy – different schools of thought. Temple architecture and different styles. Indo-Islamic architecture. Mathura, Gandhara school of art. Buddhist art, architecture and literature. Indus valley civilisation. Dances and art forms in Indian states.