How To Crack Both Upsc And Ifos?

Which degree is best for IFoS?

The candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, forestry or engineering. Note: Every candidate appearing for the examination shall be permitted six attempts. But, the number of attempts will not apply in the case of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates who are otherwise eligible.

Which optional is best for IFoS?

The most commonly chosen subject is forestry because it is closely related to the work of an IFoS officer.

Which is the highest post in IFoS?

Principal Chief Conservator of Forest This is the highest post of the Indian Forest Service in the state, and the IFoS salary for this position is around INR 2,25,000. The key responsibilities include managing the environment, forests, and wildlife issues of the state.

How can I clear my UPSC IFS?

Prepare A Suitable TimeTable: Analyse your status long before the examination and plan your schedule accordingly. Study And Revision Should Be Part Of Your Syllabus: The vast syllabus of civil service examination can leave anybody in confusion.

Can I prepare both IAS and IFoS?

In fact, interested candidates can apply for both the exams together through the official website of the UPSC. The prelims exam is the same for both the administrative service and the forest service. It is only in the subsequent stages (mains and interview) that the process bifurcates.

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Who has more salary IAS or IFoS?

The IFS officer salary structure is also higher than the IAS officer salary structure due to higher allowances.

Is IFoS tougher than IAS?

# Both IFoS and IAS examinations are equally hard and tough to crack. There is not much comparison; one can find any of the two harder, as per their interest and knowledge. # It is often believed that passing the IAS is the most difficult task.

Is IFoS job hectic?

Being an IFS officer is not an easy matter. It’s a difficult and exciting job.

How much time it takes to prepare for IFoS?

So it is better for you to remember the importance of each and every second and work accordingly. So the hours that you need to dedicate yourself to the study is 9-10 hours, which excludes the 2-hour break.

What is the salary of IFoS per month?

Ans. The salary range of IFoS officers can be between INR 50,000-3,00,000 lakhs per month depending on their designations and experience.