Does Nda Come Under Upsc Cds?

Is NDA and CDS are same?

NDA is conducted for candidates who have passed or are appearing in Class 12. Whereas, CDS exam is conducted for candidates who have passed or are appearing in Graduation. Women candidates can now appear for both CDS and NDA exams.

Is NDA is a part of UPSC?

The NDA exam is conducted by UPSC for admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA. This exam is a gateway for candidates looking forward to joining Defence Forces including Army, Navy and Air Force.

Is CDS and NDA Interview same?

The SSB interview process of both NDA and CDS is the same. Chances of selection through NDA entry are higher because a young person is trainable if he has good qualities if not the exceptional ones.

Is CDS maths tougher than NDA?

If you are very clear with your basic concept of English ,mathematics, science which you studied till 10th standard, some good general knowledge of India and world including current affairs. It is easy to crack. Out of 10 the difficulty level is 5. NDA EXAM paper is easy compare to CDS exam .

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Which has more salary NDA or CDS?

In addition to the above mentioned pay, the officers in the rank starting from Lieutenant up to Brigadier are eligible for the Military Service Pay (MSP). NDA Officers get a fixed sum of Rs. 6,000/- p.m in lieu of MSP while, the CDS Officers get Rs. 15,500 per month.

Which is better UPSC or NDA?

After the analysis of the above difference between NDA and IAS, it is clear that if you want a better family life with responsibilities toward the nation then the IAS job is best for you. But if you want the betterment of your professional life then NDA services are the best. Both contribute to the nation equally.

Which is easier UPSC or NDA?

While NEET and JEE are conducted after school level, NDA, IBPS, SSC, UPSC CSE etc are conducted for providing jobs in various Government sectors. In all these UPSC Civil Services Exam is considered the toughest of all.

What is UPSC NDA salary?

The NDA salary offered to candidates during the training session at the Defence training academies is Rs 56,100/ per month.

Who has more power IAS or NDA?

Answer: IAS has the highest Power and Domain. Both IAS and Indian Military forces (IAF, IA, IN) comes directly under president’s rule and has its separate system to operate and not under any state or central government.

Which SSB is tough NDA or CDS?

Frankly speaking, the chances of selection in NDA are far more robust than that of the CDSE. There are two major reasons for that: 1. The rejection levels are high in CDSE because according to SSB, the graduate level entries can only be recommended if the candidate is perfect in all sense.