Can Hiv Positive Clear Upsc?

Can HIV positive get government jobs in India?

Yes an hiv positive person get a government job in india. Was this answer helpful?

Should I worry if HIV positive?

If you’re HIV-positive, see a health care provider as soon as possible so you can start treatment with HIV medicine. And be aware: when you are in the early stage of infection, you are at very high risk of transmitting HIV to others. It is important to take steps to reduce your risk of transmission.

Can a surgeon be HIV positive?

Based on data in the current literature, HIV-infected surgeons may continue to practice and perform invasive procedures and surgical operations unless there is clear evidence that a significant risk of transmission of infection exists through an inability to meet basic infection control procedures, or the surgeon is …

How can I overcome HIV stress?

Take care of yourself. Be sure you get enough rest and eat well. Try physical activity. When you are nervous, angry, or upset, try exercise or some other kind of physical activity. Talk about it. It helps to talk to someone about your concerns and worries. Let it out.