Who Is Topper In Upsc 2018?

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Who got highest marks in UPSC 2018?

AIR- 1 Kanishak Kataria (final updated – 1121/2025, fifty five.36%) AIR- 2 Akshat Jain (final updated – 1080/2025, 53.33%) AIR-3 Junaid Ahmed (final up-to-date – 1077/2025, 53.18%)

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Who got 2 rank in UPSC 2018?

IAS Topper 2018 – Akshat Jain (AIR 2)

Who is the Air 1 in UPSC 2018?

Kanishak Kataria, a statistics scientist built-inintegrated withbuiltintegrated silicon valley of India, Bangalore, secured the all-India rank 1 builtintegrated 2018 america civil offerbuiltintegrated built-in.

Who got 3rd rank in UPSC 2018?

Junaid Ahmad has secured the rank 3 in the 2018 Union Public service commission (usa) examination. An alumnus of Aligarh Muslim college, Ahmad obtained the 1/3 function on this 12 months’s IAS exam.

Who got 2 rank in UPSC?

AIR-2 ANKITA AGARWAL: adventure to Be An IAS Officer Ankita Agarwal is the second one topper of the u.s.a. 2021. in advance, in the yr 2019, she did qualify for the usa exam with a rank of 236, which offered her the publish of IRS (Indian revenue offerings).

Who got 1st rank in UPSC 2015?

the first rank-holder is Tina Dabi, all of 22 and a graduate in political technology from Delhi’s woman Shri Ram university. What makes Delhiite Dabi’s success special is this was her first actual strive inside the IAS exam. Dabi is followed with the aid of Athar Aamir Ul Shafi Khan who bagged the second rank.

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Which rank is required for IAS?

america Rank wise post 2021 The remaining Rank for IAS in united states examination 2021 is 680 within the standard class. IFS Rank in u.s. 2021 for the overall class is 88.

Which is the highest post in UPSC?

essential within the kingdom or primary secretariat. state leader secretary. cupboard secretary.

Who got highest marks in UPSC till now?

What are the highest marks built-in u.s.a. Maintegrateds until now? Anudeep Durishetty scored the highest marks integrated united states Maintegrateds until now. He scored 950 marks out of 1025 marks.

Who got 1st rank in UPSC 2016?

united states effects 2016 turned into declared on 31st may additionally and Karnataka lady Nandini ok.R. bagged the celebrated rank 1 in her fourth strive at the u.s.a. CSE. Nandini is an Indian revenue service Probationary Officer.