Who Is The First Woman Chairman Of Upsc?

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Who was first female UPSC Chairman of India?

Anna Rajam Malhotra (née George; 17 July 1927 – 17 September 2018) was an Indian Administrative Service officer. She was the first woman in India to hold this position.

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Who is the first woman UPSC?

Anna Rajam Malhotra was the first woman IAS officer in India in 1951. She was also India’s first female secretary and was born in Niranam, Pathanamthitta. Not only that, but she was the second Indian woman to pass the civil services exam.

Who was the 1st IAS officer of India?

The first IAS officer in independent India was Anna Rajam Malhotra.

Who was the first female IPS IAS officer?

Kiran Bedi (born 9 June 1949) is an Indian social activist, former-tennis player who became the first woman in India to join the officer ranks of the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 1972 and was the 24th Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry from 28 May 2016 to 16 February 2021.

Who is present UPSC Chairman 2022?

Gen. Raj Shukla (Retd.)

Who is father of IAS?

During the British raj, Warren Hastings laid the foundation of civil service and Charles Cornwallis reformed, modernised, and rationalised it. Hence, Charles Cornwallis is known as ‘the Father of civil service in India’.

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Who is first youngest woman IAS officer?

Swati Meena: She is the youngest IAS Officer of her 2007 Batch, securing 260th rank in UPSC CSE 2007. Ananya Singh: She cracked the UPSC Civil Services in 2019 with the 51st rank.

Who is the first male IAS officer?

Who is the first IAS officer in India? Satyendranath Tagore was the 1st IAS officer of India. He became an IAS officer in 1863. Satyendranath had to pass the civil service examination from England.

Who removed UPSC Chairman?

The correct answer is Only 3. The Chairman of UPSC can be removed by the president. The Parliament has no role in the removal of the UPSC Chairman.

Who is the biggest IAS in India?

Ashok Khemka. Armstrong Pame. U. Sagayam. Aruna Sundararajan. Hari Chandana Dasari. D Subbarao. Vinod Rai. Smita Sabharwal.