Which Ncert For Geography Upsc?

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Which geography book is best for UPSC Ncert?

The Earth: Our Habitat- VI NCERT. Our Environment- VII NCERT. Resource and Development- VIII NCERT. Contemporary India- IX NCERT. Contemporary India- X NCERT.

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Is Ncert geography enough for UPSC?

Is Geography NCERT Enough for UPSC Mains? Yes, this is compulsory for all the candidates to go through the NCERT books for learning the best topics and covered areas. It is enough for you in the UPSC preparation if you will provide it with adequate time and concentration.

Which class Ncert is best for UPSC?

You will get many questions in the IAS/IPS Exam directly or indirectly from NCERT textbooks. If aspirants have enough time, it is always advised to start from standard 6 NCERT texts and read till standard 12 texts for all relevant subjects.

What should I read for UPSC geography?

Physical Geography by Savindra Singh. India: A Comprehensive Geography by D R Khullar. Human Geography by Majid Husain. Models in Geography by Majid Husain. Geographical Thought by R D Dixit. Fundamentals of Geographical Thought by Sudeepta Adhikari.

Which NCERT is best for geography?

Geography: NCERT Class X – Contemporary India – II. Geography: NCERT Class XI – Fundamentals of Physical Geography. Geography: NCERT Class XI – India – Physical Environment. Geography: NCERT Class XII – Fundamentals of Human Geography.

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Can I skip geography NCERT?

It is usually recommended to go through the NCERTs for classes ranging from 6th to 12th to clear the basics and lay a solid foundation, especially in Geography. However, if you are short on time, you can read the important chapters and skip others.

Is Geography NCERT enough for prelims?

Importance of NCERT books for Prelims: NCERT books act as foundation base, aspirants should not see covering NCERT books as last thing. E.g. for certain subjects like Geography, science & Technology or Word History and Indian History NCERT books are the best.

How can I cover Geography in UPSC?

You read about Geographical phenomenon almost on a daily basis in the newspapers. When you read about a natural calamity or phenomenon, relate it to what you have read in the textbooks. This way, you are also preparing for the current affairs.

Can I skip NCERT for UPSC?

It is recommended that candidates go through the NCERT books as the information available is not just comprehensive but also reliable. Textbooks from class VI to XII can be of great use for both prelims and mains examination. Read Further: Complete List Of NCERT Books Needed For UPSC Preparation.

How to read NCERT geography for UPSC?

First time just read the book and understand the concepts. Before proceeding to the second read, go through the previous year’s question papers to get a glimpse of the questions asked in the topic. Now in the second read, highlight the important ones. Make notes in the third read.