Which Is The Toughest Optional Subject In Upsc?

Which is the easiest optional subject in UPSC?

Which UPSC optional topic is simple? Answer: It is simple to score well in the areas of geography, public administration, and sociology. According to the results from the previous year, many candidates received scores of more than 400 in these optional subjects.

Which optional is the most scoring?

international relations and political science. International relations and political science are a successful and well-liked non-technical discipline. This is regarded as the best optional subject in the UPSC for a variety of reasons. Any candidate may readily understand it; no background in political science is required.

Which is the safest optional for UPSC?

Agriculture, sociology, and medical science. Public administration, anthropology, and literature. Law and psychology.

Which optional has smallest syllabus?

Out of all the optional subjects for the UPSC exam, philosophy has the shortest curriculum, which is why it is a popular choice among UPSC hopefuls.

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Which optional has least syllabus?

Of all the optional subjects for the UPSC, philosophy has the smallest curriculum. When compared to the remainder, other options including Anthropology, Sociology, and Public administration are likewise thought to have a smaller curriculum.

Which is the most static optional Upsc?

Which IAS optional subject has the best success rate among UPSC’s optional subjects? According to the candidates’ preferences, geography comes first, followed by history, public administration, and sociology.

Which optional is better Sociology or anthropology?

It appears that more candidates favour sociology as an option. The course syllabus is relatively condensed. For the sociology optional, see the UPSC curriculum. It is simple to comprehend.

Which optional is better Sociology or political science?

The ethics paper can benefit from sociology’s emphasis on human nature, behaviour, and society. This topic also greatly aids in writing about social issues for the GS and essay assignments. It is regarded as having higher scoring than IR and political science.

Who got highest marks in optional?

Vishal Shah received the highest scores in sociology optional to date with an AIR 63 in 2018. In paper 1 he scored 171, and in paper 2 158. Thus, his final score added up to a staggering 329 points. He was able to secure the job of his choosing because to his great performance in his elective topic.

Which optional is better Geography or history?

Because the names of places that have previously been noted on the map must be written, historical maps are more challenging. It’s difficult because there are so many locations to keep in mind. Because you must mark the river or location that is specified in the inquiry, maps in geography are simpler.

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Which optional is best?

Sociology. Geography. Reading Subject (Any) Agriculture, medical science, public administration, psychology, and anthropology.

Is UPSC removing optional?

Is UPSC’s optional subject eliminated? No, the UPSC Mains exam still includes the Optional Subjects.

Which is more scoring Geography or Sociology?

Geography and Sociology are both well-liked optionals on the Civil Services Exam. If you compare the absolute numbers of candidates choosing each course, geography outnumbers sociology. In actuality, both topics are regarded as scoring.

Which is better history or anthropology?

History looks for explanations for the causes and repercussions of specific events, whereas anthropology focuses mostly on homo sapiens (the humans). 5. While anthropology is focused on figuring out what makes people tick, history’s main goal is to know and comprehend the past.

Which is easier Sociology or geography?

Although there is considerable overlap in the syllabus and both provide useful assistance in General Studies, the balance would lean more in favour of Geography. However, sociology offers some assistance with essay papers.