Which Geography Ncert For Upsc?

Which Ncert is best for UPSC Geography?

6th – The Earth: Our Habitat. 7th – Our Environment. 8th – Resources & Development. 9th – Contemporary India 1. 10th – Contemporary India 1I. 11th – Fundamentals of Physical Geography, 11th – India – Physical Environment. 12th – Fundamentals of Human Geography, 12th – India – People & Economy.

Is Ncert Geography enough for UPSC?

Is Geography NCERT Enough for UPSC Mains? Yes, this is compulsory for all the candidates to go through the NCERT books for learning the best topics and covered areas. It is enough for you in the UPSC preparation if you will provide it with adequate time and concentration.

Which part of Geography is important for UPSC?

Geography Optional Syllabus for UPSC Mains The optional syllabus for this subject has a huge overlap with General Studies. It is one of the most popular optional subjects in the Mains exam. The topics included in this subject are related to physical and human geography, economic geography and geography of India.

Which NCERT is good for UPSC old or new Geography?

So, the answer to the question, which NCERTs are better – old or new, lies in the method of study and each one’s individual aptitude and style of preparation. People who like crisp and to the point notes can read the old textbooks. Others who like explanations and subjective views can opt for new books.

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Can I skip Geography NCERT?

It is usually recommended to go through the NCERTs for classes ranging from 6th to 12th to clear the basics and lay a solid foundation, especially in Geography. However, if you are short on time, you can read the important chapters and skip others.

How to start preparing Geography for UPSC?

Read NCERTs: Start out by covering GeographyNCERTs from class VIII to XII. Basic books: Next, thoroughly study the basic books of geography, which includes Certificate Physical and Human Geography by GC Leong and Geography of India by Majid Husain.

How many Geography NCERTs are there?

NCERT, an autonomous body, publishes educational kits for students to aid their knowledge gathering process. Three Geography books published by NCERT comprise a total of 31 chapters as per the CBSE curriculum.

Which map is most important for UPSC?

You should be able to draw political map (an outline) of India by hand (Very important for Mains Paper GS I and GS II). Learn about which states share boundaries with which other and how many states. Study all the important cities on India map.

How much time to complete geography for UPSC?

For History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Environment- You need to complete them within 6 months. And revise them in last month. Start attempting Prelims test series 2 months before too.

Which optional is most scoring in UPSC?

Geography. Most of the aspirants choose Geography as their optional subject because it is noticed that it is the highest-scoring option in UPSC and the most popular among the candidates. Last year also there were a lot of toppers with this optional.