What Is The Age Limit For Nda?

At what age can I give NDA?

NDA II Age Limit– Just single male prospects born not earlier than 2nd January 2003 and not behind first January 2006 are eligible for the NDA exam. To put it merely, candidates should be between the age of 15.5 years and 19 years to be eligible for the test.

How many attempts are there in NDA?

Response: There are 2 efforts for NDA. The first attempt is for those who have not tried the assessment in the past, and the 2nd is for those that have currently attempted the examination as soon as.

Can a 20 year old give NDA exam?

All candidates aspring for the exam must understand the NDA Eligibility. The main alert for the exam has all the details on eligibility. Based on the eligibility, the candidates between 16.5 years to 19 years old that have finished class 12 or are in class 12 can look for this examination.

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Can a 23 year old apply for NDA?

NDA Eligibility & NDA Age Restriction 2023 According to NDA qualification requirements, only unmarried male and women aspirants matured between 16.5 and also 19.5 are qualified to get NDA.

Is NDA tough to crack?

Is NDA Written Exam EASY or TOUGH to Fracture? The Most importantly point you should understand is that NDA composed Examination is extremely simple to clear if you prepare for it correctly. You might have encountered “NDA created is really TOUGH to crack” “It’s not everyone’s favorite”, and so on

What is the salary of NDA?

What is the stipend paid to cadets at NDA? Cadets do not get any kind of gratuity during their training period at NDA. Nonetheless, they get a gratuity of Rs. 56,100/ per month during their training at IMA.

Can I join NDA after 10th?

Can I Sign up with NDA in course 10th? Just those candidates that are pursuing or finished class 12th can get the NDA exam.

What is the height required in NDA?

Hi applicant, It’s important to pass all the needs for giving it a medical go for the NDA physical test. Candidates’ elevation as well as weight should be in line with the requirements. The minimal acceptable elevation required for the Indian Army is 157.5 centimeters.

What happens if I pass NDA exam?

After getting rid of the created exam, the selected prospects are called for the SSB (Providers Option Board) meeting. One needs to undergo an Intelligence Examination & Personality Test prior to he is chosen for the training in NDA.

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Can I join NDA after 25 years?

To be eligible for NDA prospect must be in between the ages of 16.5 and also 19.5 years to be qualified to appear for the NDA 2021 exam. There is no age leisure for reserved classification prospects in the NDA examination. So to be qualified for NDA 1 2024 candidate should be born in between July 2, 2005, to July 1, 2002.

Can I join NDA after 22 years?

In instance you are already 20 years old then you are not qualified to use now for the NDA Program 145. In situation you are still interested in a Carrer with the Armed Forces after that while in the last year of college graduation, check the dates for Combined Defence Services Examination and apply accordingly, well in time.

Can a 22 year old join NDA?

The NDA age limitation for the hopefuls should be between 16.5-19.5 years to look for the exam. The candidate must have not been born earlier than 02 January 2004 and not behind 01 January 2007.

Which job is better IAS or NDA?

After the evaluation of the above distinction between NDA as well as IAS, it is clear that if you want a better domesticity with duties toward the country after that the IAS work is best for you. Yet if you want the improvement of your expert life after that NDA solutions are the most effective. Both add to the country similarly.

Is NDA training free?

Recommended: Download NDA previous year’s concern documents together with solutions. Click Here. Hey Vivek, Once you get entred into the national protection academy you only have to pay an amount of around 50000-70000/- for 3 years.

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How long is NDA training?

Training. All the cadets joining the NDA after their 10 +2 Assessment are trained in the Academy for 3 years finishing in graduation with bachelor’s degree( or) BSc or BCs (Computer Science) level of Jawaharlal Nehru College & University of Delhi; the initial course to be awarded levels was the 46th course in 1974.