What Is Home Cadre In Upsc?

What is meant by home cadre in IAS?

A state (or group of states/union territories) to which an officer of an All India Service, such as IAS or IPS, may be posted is referred to as a “cadere.” Examples are the frames from Uttar Pradesh (UP), Bihar, Kerala, AGMUT, etc.

Who gets home cadre?

An IAS/IPS officer typically cannot obtain his home cadre. There is, nevertheless, a very small likelihood of happening. Only if you receive a very high ranking and there are openings in your home state for your category that year are you eligible for this. You also ought to have indicated your home state as your first choice.

What is home state for an IAS officer?

The table shows that the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are home to the greatest proportion of IAS officials in India. This is primarily due to the fact that these two states had India’s highest population before Jharkhand was created in 2000.

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Which is the highest cadre in UPSC?

The Cabinet Secretary is the highest civil official in India’s government and holds the top IAS position.

Which is best cadre for IAS?

Of the 370 IAS officers holding joint secretary or higher positions in the central government, 33 are from the Assam and Meghalaya cadre, the highest proportion of any of the 26 IAS cadres in the nation, according to a Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) response to an RTI request.

Can IAS live in his own house?

IAS officers receive free housing in addition to free general household services because the government covers these costs. They are entitled to free landlines, mobile phones, and broadband internet connections for their official house, as well as free or heavily taxed electricity.

Do all IAS become DM?

Ans A candidate must first pass the UPSC-CSE exam and become an IAS officer before applying to be a DM. A candidate can become a DM after working as an IAS officer for 6 years, including the 2 years of training. The candidate must be at the top of the list of IAS Officers in order to become a DM.

Who can stay in IAS bungalow?

This facility is only accessible to officers who have served a total of 7 years (6 years for North-East Cadres).

Can CM transfer IAS officer?

The rules governing the transfer of IAS personnel can only be established by the federal government. However, the state governments are consulted by the federal government when creating these regulations. The Central government alone has the authority to change the IAS officer cadre.

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How many holidays do IAS get?

FAQs. Do IAS officers get vacation time? 30 days for earned leave, 8 days for casual leave, Weekends, Half-Pay Leaves, and Gazetted Holidays are all around 20 days long.

Do IAS officers get foreign trips?

Ans. IAS officers often aren’t given diplomatic passports unless they’re traveling abroad for official business. Only if IAS officers are sent abroad to serve in a diplomatic mission are they given the maroon diplomatic passport.

Can IAS officer wife do business?

IAS officers can start a business with the help of their loved ones and friends while they serve as advisors and contribute their ideas. However, such an endeavor needs to be reported to the government.

What is lowest post in IAS?

A: During their training time, IAS officers are assigned the position of IAS trainee or IAS probationer, which is their lowest rank.

Which is the lowest post in UPSC?

The lowest job open to IAS officials is the trainee or probationer position, which is offered during the training phase.

Can I choose my cadre in UPSC?

Following the allocation of cadres to other applicants who have expressed a preference, the cadre will be assigned based on the merit ranking of the remaining candidates for open positions. To facilitate allotment, the cadres will be ordered alphabetically.