What Is Group A And Group B In Upsc?

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What is Group A in India?

The civil service posts under the Union of India have been classified as Group A, B, and C. The Central Government of India or any State Government classifies civil service (government employees) into Group A (Gazetted/Executive), Group B (Gazetted), Group B (Non-Gazetted), Group C and Group D.

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What are Group B services in India?

The Group ‘B’ Services include the Central Secretariat Service (Section Officers GradE-CSS), the Railway Board Secretariat Service (Section Officers’ GradE- RBSS), the Indian Foreign Service (Section Officers’ GradE- IFS ‘B’), the Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service (Assistant Civilian Staff Officers Grade), the …

How many groups are in UPSC?

Indian Civil services are divided into 2 groups viz., Group A and Group B. Both the groups are gazetted. Many of the UPSC students are not aware of the difference between Group A vs Group B in UPSC.

Is Group 1 and UPSC are same?

The APPSC Mains Syllabus for Group 1 exam is comprehensive but unlike the UPSC Mains, there are no optional subjects.

What are Group B posts?

Thus, posts carrying pay or scale of pay with a maximum of not less than 13500/- are categorised under Group `A’. Posts carrying a pay or scale of pay with a maximum of not less than Rs. 9000/- but less than 13500/- are known as Group `B’ posts.

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What is group A and B?

All the civil services are divided into different levels (1 to 18). Level 1 to 5 come under Group ‘C’ and ‘D’, Level 6 to 9 come under Group ‘B’ and level 10 to 18 come under Group ‘A’ jobs. 1 Various Types of Government Jobs and Employees.

What is group a salary?

The national average salary for a Group A Officer is ?1,72,429 in India.

What is Group A officer in UPSC?

The Central Services (Group A) are concerned with the administration of the Union Government. All appointments to Central Civil Services (Group A) are made by the President of India.

Which is the lowest post in UPSC?

The IAS trainee or IAS probationer position, which is offered during the training phase, is the lowest position available for IAS officers.

What are the 23 posts in UPSC?

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Indian Police Service (IPS) Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IA&AS) Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS) Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS) Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS) Indian Defence Estates Service (IDES)