What Is Daf Upsc?

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What is DAF 2 in upsc?

All the candidates who qualify for Personality Test/Interview on the basis of Result of Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2022 are required to submit their Order of Preferences for Participating Services through an online Detailed Application Form (DAF) -II.

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How do I prepare for DAF?

How to prepare DAF I for UPSC Civil Services interview. Being truthful about hobbies and achievements. How to justify service and cadre preferences.

What should be the hobbies in upsc DAF?

Reading Books. Writing. Blogging. Photography. Painting & Sketching. Meditation & Yoga. Movies. Music.

What is the difference between DAF 1 and DAF 2 UPSC?

The first one, called DAF-1, has to be filled by candidates to apply for the Mains exam once they clear the Prelims. The second form, called DAF-2, has to be filled by candidates who have cleared the Mains examination and want to apply for the Interview round.

What is DAF1?

The Detailed Application Form, or DAF, is the next step applicants must take after the UPSC CSE Prelims Results 2022. The Online Detailed Application Form (DAF) must be completed at the website upsc.gov.in by candidates who have been declared qualified in the written portion of the Examinations.

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Where can I fill DAF for UPSC?

1. Candidates who have been declared qualified in the written part of the Examinations have to first get themselves registered before filling up the Online Detailed Application Form (DAF) at the website www.upsc.gov.in.

How can I choose cadre in UPSC?

The cadre will be allotted based on merit ranking of the remaining candidates on vacancies remaining after cadres have been allocated to other candidates who have indicated their preference. The cadres will be arranged in alphabetical order for the purposes of allotment.

How many attempts are there in UPSC?

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) sets limits on the number of attempts for different categories of candidates. Especially, the candidates who belong to the General category can appear only six times in the IAS Exam till the age of 32 years.

Is DAF test hard?

Both the DSH / TestDAF exam are very challenging exams. While passing the TestDaF generally requires level B2, it is not comparable with a standard B2 level, as they check whether you are ready to study in German language at a German university.

Is TestDaF compulsory?

The TestDaF is accepted by all German universities and requires a minimum rating of TDN 4 to TDN 5 on all four parts. Some universities may accept partial scorings of TDN 3, but this should be confirmed with the respective university you are applying to.