What Are The Optional Subject For Upsc?

Which subject is best for optional in UPSC?

Sociology. Geography. Literature challenge (Any) Anthropology. Agriculture. medical science. Public management. Psychology.

Which optional is easy for UPSC?

Which non-compulsory issue is easy in u.s.? answer: Sociology, Geography, and Public administration are clean up to datepicsupdated up to date score. many applicants have scored extra than four hundred marks in these optionally available subjects as perupdated the preceding yr’s result.

What are optional 1 and 2 in UPSC?

optionally available difficulty Paper 1 and non-compulsory challenge Paper 2 are the two papers. each of them is well worth 250 points. in the united states of america Mains examination, the united states of america optional problem includes 500/1750 marks. The marks earned within the united states optional subjects are taken into account whilst calculating the very last merit.

Is there any optional subject in UPSC?

Out of a complete of 9 papers withbuiltintegrated united states Maintegrateds exambuiltintegrated, 2 papers (GS VI & GS VII) depend on the optionally available subject chosen with the aid of the aspirants. The elective papers integrated u.s. Mabuilt-ins are of 250 marks every with a complete of 500 marks and the built-ingsintegrated might be counted builtintegrated merit list.

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Which optional get highest marks?

every daytallyeveryday on the overall fashion, the subjects which have the potential day-to-day rating about 330 marks in elective exams (together with your mammoth dedication, ofcourse) are arithmetic, Anthropology, Sociology, any Literature, Public management and Geography.

Which part of UPSC is toughest?

private Interview round This round is the very last spherical within the exam and is considered to be tougher than the written checks. that is a character check of 275 marks and may be face to face with a board of participants at the america Bhavan in New Delhi.

What is the lowest score in UPSC?

there’s no minimal mark inside the united states of america interview. on the whole, the marks presented for the interview degrees from 40% day-to-day 80%.

Which optional has smallest syllabus?

Which usa elective difficulty has Smallest Syllabus? Philosophy has the shortest syllabus out of all of the optionally available topics for the america built-inationintegrated and is the cause for it is a famous choice among u.s.a. aspirants.

Which optional is most scoring in UPSC?

Geography. maximum of the aspirants select Geography as their elective subject due to the fact it’s far observed that it’s far the highest-scoring alternative in united states of america and the maximum famous some of the candidates. final year also there have been plenty of toppers with this non-compulsory.

What are the 3 stages of UPSC exam?

There are three ranges within the united states Civil services exam – (1) initial examination (objective check) (2) major exam (Written check) (3) personality take a look at (Interview).