Should I Prepare For Upsc Or State Psc?

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Is Upsc tougher than PCS?

UPSC Vs PSC As it is a well-known fact that the UPSC exam is still considered the toughest examinations in our country, i.e., the IAS examination which is conducted by the UPSC is the most difficult paper in India.

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Is IAS bigger or PCS?

The Indian Administrative service (IAS) and the Provincial Civil carrier (desktops) are both civil services but one works directly under the centre/kingdom authorities, even as the alternative is a nation carrier of the government branch of the government of Uttar Pradesh. An IAS takes up the executive responsibilities.

Which is better IAS or state PCS?

IAS officials are believed to be greater certified for higher positions. From a sub-divisional officer to a make-upboard secretary, there are many grades and promotions an IAS officer will get. relatively, IAS promotions take lesser time than desktops promotions. A desktops has a huge spectrum of posts and obligations.

Which state PCS is similar to UPSC?

HPSC (Haryana Public Service Commission) HPSC HCS/PCS exam comprises three stages i.e. Preliminary Examination (Objective Type), Mains Examination (Subjective Type), and Interview (Personality Test). Haryana PCS Exam Pattern is quite similar to UPSC.

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Which is the lowest post in PSC?

Assistant Employment Officer. District meals advertising officer. Assistant Sugar Commissioner. Deputy Secretary Madhyamik Shiksha. Statistical Officer. District Handicapped Welfare Officer. District young people Welfare and Pradesh Vikas Dal Officer.

Can state PCS become DM?

each kingdom has its own manner of promoting. In Bihar, if a desktops officer gets promoted every day the rank of a Joint Secretary, then he’s eligible for the advertising. every day the shortage of recommendation, if he cannot be promoted day-to-day IAS then he’s going to get a publish correspondent day-to-day District Justice of the Peace.

Can state PCS become IAS?

According to the Indian Administrative Service (Appointment by Promotion) Regulations, 1955, PCS officers are eligible for promotion to IAS after completion of eight years of service. But in reality, they are generally promoted to IAS after two decades in service.

Do PCS officers get house?

The profits of a desktops officer may not look very appealing at the entry-degree; however, they receive lots of other blessings, consisting of unfastened accommodation, automobile, and delivery allowances.

Is PCS exam easy than IAS?

computers may be very easy when as compared to IAS. kingdom desktops examination is not very dynamic (not like u.s. CSE which has turn out to be very unpredictable and dynamic). So, possibilities of getting decided on in nation computers is greater if one has worked difficult.

Who is more powerful PCS officer or IAS officer?

Only the Union Government (specifically President) has the right to terminate the services of an IAS officer. Whereas, for a PCS officer, the State Government has all the right to transfer, suspension, and termination.