Is Upsc World’s Toughest Exam?

Which is the toughest exam in world?

GRE. Mensa (Graduate Record Examination) CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), and GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, India) Exam for the Fellowship of All Souls. the Master Sommelier Diploma test. FAQs.

How tough is UPSC in world?

The IAS exam is regarded by many as being the most difficult in India. This is a result of the extremely low pass rate in this area. In addition, there is a sizable syllabus (see the UPSC syllabus in the link) to be studied in addition to the wide range of subjects that must be learned for it.

Is UPSC very tough exam?

Contrary to many other tests where you just require knowledge of one or two disciplines, it is indeed enormous and encompasses a wide variety of subjects. You can see why the IAS test is regarded as one of the most difficult in India, and some would even claim the entire globe, by looking at the exam’s success rate.

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Is there any exam tougher than UPSC?

The most challenging exams in India include reportedly the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), Common Admission Test (CAT), Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), IIT-JEE, and UPSC Civil Services exams.

Is Upsc tougher than IIT?

IIT Entrance Exam is easier than the Civil Service Exam given by UPSC. 1> Competition Level: A GENERAL Category candidate has access to 12,000 seats at IITs, while there are more than 1 lakh seats available overall in famous engineering institutes.

Is Upsc tougher than CA?

1. Is the UPSC or CA test harder? Although the two tests provide different obstacles, the CA exam is thought to be more difficult in comparison because it calls for consistent study and recurrent exams over a five-year period. In contrast, UPSC simply requires study up until the qualifying exam is passed.

Who is more powerful doctor or IAS?

In contrast, an IAS officer is a “A” grade job in India, or the top of the government jobs. While a doctor’s job can come with perks like a high salary and a good reputation, an IAS officer’s job entails much more than this. After passing the IAS exam, qualified candidates are appointed as SDMs or revenue…

Is UPSC harder than NEET?

After examining the difficulty of the questions in several tests, UPSC is unquestionably the hardest. NEET is one of the most difficult UG entrance tests in India, nonetheless.

Which country has hardest exam?

Gaokao. Gaokao, a college entrance exam in China, is renowned as one of the world’s top 10 most difficult tests. Due to its level of difficulty, certain universities in Europe and America have also begun accepting Gaokao results.

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What happens if I fail UPSC?

Even if a candidate fails in one of the Civil Services Exam stages, they must start over from scratch.

Can I crack UPSC in 9 months?

Never Too Late to Start! As long as you are under 32 years old, you are eligible to take the IAS examination whenever you like.

Is UPSC better than IIT?

Depending on your aptitude and area of interest. If we compare the two programs, IAS has a better future outlook than IITians. It will grant you authority within the Indian government’s administrative division. The president will appoint an IAS to a state’s state government.

Which is the No 1 toughest exam in India?

Civil Services Exam by UPSC. JEE and IIT. Accountant, Chartered (CA) UG NEET. UG AIIMS. Engineering Graduate Aptitude Test (GATE) Common-law Admission Test for National Defense Academy (NDA) (CLAT)

Is Gate harder than UPSC?

Although both tests are challenging, UPSC is more so.

Which is the top 5 toughest exam in India?

UPSC. You’ve all probably heard that one of India’s toughest tests is the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). ISI. The admission test for the Indian Statistical Institute is given at the federal level. SSC CGL. CAT. CLAT. NDA. JEE IIT. NEET-UG.