Is Upsc Csat Tough?

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How difficult is UPSC CSAT?

Since UPSC CSAT is a qualifying paper, one needs to score a minimum of 33% and marks scored in paper 1 is considered for the ranking. The cut-off mark usually varies every year and a candidate should primarily focus on the cut-off mark. Aspirants would find this article very helpful while preparing for the UPSC 2021.

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Is it difficult to clear CSAT?

If you analyse year on year CSAT papers, you will observe that by each passing year the difficulty level of questions is increasing. So, is it difficult to qualify CSAT now? The answer is ‘No’. It is still easy if you follow the below strategy.

Was CSAT 2022 tough?

Overall the GS II paper (CSAT) 2022 was moderately tough, and proper choice of questions was important to score well.

What is a good score in CSAT UPSC?

Remember, candidates should score at least 66 marks. If they do not qualify, even very high marks in the GS paper I will not help them clear the IAS prelims stage.

Do CSAT questions repeat?

These questions from different topics don’t repeat in exactly the same format; they might be jumbled or in new words. However, the nature of questions and its theme is mostly the same and related to the same topics.

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How can I clear CSAT in first attempt?

Keep every Sunday for CSAT practice and solve some questions from the numerous mock question papers found in the book. Candidates who are struggling with the CSAT paper should practice at least 1 hour daily.

How much time is required to prepare for CSAT?

One to two hours of daily preparation is all that is needed to pass this exam. Review your notes or solve a CSAT mock test each Sunday in order to stay on top of your game.

Can I prepare for CSAT without coaching?

With the advent of the internet, resources in terms of books, study materials, video content etc are easily available and hence one can crack the UPSC CSAT exam without coaching.

Is maths important for CSAT?

Questions would be mostly on percentages, averages, age, time and work, time and distance, profit and loss, probability, etc. Serious IAS aspirants cannot afford to ignore the maths portion in CSAT as this part is very scoring and with only a bit of work, you can do well.

How many questions should I attempt to pass CSAT?

In order to be on the safer side, the aspirants must at least solve 30+ questions correctly in the CSAT paper in order to pass.