Is Tattoo Not Allowed In Upsc?

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Can you have tattoos in the civil service?

Can people with a tattoos appear for civil services? The guidelines issued by the UPSC, about CSE eligibility criteria including mandatory medical tests, are silent about permanent tattoos on the body of a civil service aspirant.

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Can IPS officer have tattoos in India?

There are clear rules in military and paramilitary forces wrt tattoos. But there is no such rule in IPS. Also, this is decided on a case-to-case basis during medical test. It depends on type and size of tattoo one has.

What job Cannot have tattoo?

This includes a wide variety of careers including accountants, financial advisors, bank tellers, stock brokers etc. Tattoos and piercings are not usually seen in the banking sector, as individuals need to be seen as highly professional and trustworthy in the banking community.

What jobs don’t allow tattoos?

Jobs that don’t allow tattoos are: Law enforcement officers. Teachers. Bankers.

Does tattoo affect IAS exam?

Wearing a tattoo doesn’t restrict you to appear for UPSC civil services. IAS aspirants and civil service aspirants can definitely have a tattoo on their body parts except for the face, finger, forearm, and other parts, which are generally visible.

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Can IAS go on vacation?

It is thus permissible for the officers to go abroad for a holiday given the fact that the leaves sanctioned are earned leaves, and their duty is not compromised for the same.

Can I remove permanent tattoo?

Tattoo removal is often done as an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. Common techniques for tattoo removal include laser surgery, surgical removal and dermabrasion.

Can we get government job after tattoo?

As per the guidelines for tattoos, candidates having any kind of tattoos on the body any body part other than the inner face of forearms i.e. from inside of elbow to the wrist and on the reverse side of palm/ back (dorsal) side of hand are from barred from the recruitment in Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Coast …

Can Jobs reject you because of tattoos?

There are no current laws that prohibit employers from discriminating against people with visible tattoos.

Who Cannot get tattoos?

Artists will not tattoo those taking blood thinners because it can cause excessive bleeding, which is not good while tattooed as mentioned above. Those that are taking anti-rejection medication for an organ transplant should not be tattooed until consulting with a doctor, due to the greater chance for infections.