Is Ssc And Upsc Same?

Which exam is best SSC or UPSC?

You can not compare both UPSC and SSC. UPSC provides class A services and SSC provides Class B government Job. You can become a gazetted officer after clearing UPSC but after SSC you need to wait for 14 years and promotion.

Can I prepare for both UPSC and SSC simultaneously?

You can prepare for both the exams.

What is the difference between IAS and SSC?

Upsc is an ocean, SSC is a gulf. The most famous exam conducted by UPSC is the Civil Service Exam (CSE) and by SSC is the Combine Graduate Level Exam (CGL). If one clear CSE he /she become an IAS,IPS,IRS,IFS etc.

Can I become IAS after SSC?

After Intermediate,you have to complete your graduation (Any degree). After 3-4 years of degree,you have to take coaching for an IAS for 1 year. After coaching,You have to write an exams (I.e.prelims,mains). If you have qualified in mains then you’ll have interview in Delhi.

Can SSC students crack UPSC?

So, there is no doubt about the fact that preparation for IAS exam is very much possible even while continuing your SSC Job. However, it would take amazing dedication and unwavering commitment to crack the much-coveted exam.

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Should I prepare for SSC before UPSC?

Given that you are unemployed, I recommend that you prepare for SSC CGL up to tier 1, score well over the cut-off, secure your rank, and then apply for UPSC. Believe me, you will feel more assured. If your family has enough money to sustain you, however, they will go straight for UPSC.

Which is harder SSC or UPSC?

IAS exams tend to be much more difficult and extensive in matter and competition as compared to SSC. Here is the syllabus for you to compare. In SSC CGL, every section consists of 25 questions, each of them carrying two marks. The duration of the Tier-1 exam is 75 minutes.

Is SSC very difficult?

SSC CGL Exam is a very attractive exam in India. Each year lakhs of candidates appear for the SSC CGL Examination. Considering the examination and time span of the process of examination, SSC CGL can be considered a challenging exam.

Is 1 year enough for SSC preparation?

Well, Yes one year can be ideal to prepare for SSC CHSL. Let’s discuss the study plan for the SSC CHSL 2022 exam but before that, you need to understand the SSC CHSL exam pattern and syllabus of the exam.

Can we crack SSC in first attempt?

The answer to all these questions is Yes. You can crack SSC CGL in the first attempt with the right strategy, determination, and high focus. In this article, we have shared some useful strategies along with important tips to help you crack the SSC CGL 2022 in the first attempt.