Is Ignou Degree Valid For Upsc?

Can a graduate from IGNOU give UPSC?

Yes, candidates from IGNOU in any subject are qualified to take the UPSC CSE examination.

Can IGNOU students crack UPSC?

Here’s a reality check if you believed that distant learning was solely for failures. 18 lakh students are enrolled in the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) today. Many IAS officers obtained their undergraduate or graduate degrees from IGNOU. and because to their diligence and commitment, they were able to pass this exam.

Which IGNOU course best for UPSC?

Management of human resources. Supply Chain Administration. hospital management. Tourism Management. management of stores. Business management, project management, and rural management.

Does IGNOU degree has value?

The degree from IGNOU University is easily legitimate and recognized in other countries. The strong justification for IGNOU is that it is a government-run institution with UGC recognition. Additionally, DEC and AICTE have both approved the degree earned from this university.

Can I give UPSC with distance degree?

You can fulfill your dream of becoming an IAS officer by earning your degree online. For the UPSC exam, an online education degree is valid and recognized.

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Which degree is best for IAS?

The aspirants do have a significant advantage if they have a humanities degree with honors. In recent years, students with engineering backgrounds and degrees have also entered the IAS exams and have done pretty well.

Is IGNOU degree valid for govt jobs?

For government jobs and further education, you can use other open university degrees from institutions like IGNOU, YCMOU, Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University, etc.

Which course from IGNOU is best?

Extension and Development Studies Master of Arts (MAEDS) degree in women’s and gender studies, master’s (MAWGS) graduate degree in history (MAH) Master of Information Science in Libraries (MLIS) Master of Arts in Social Science (MSO) Tourism and travel management master’s degree (MTTM)

Should I do masters or UPSC?

The master’s degree is not necessary for the UPSC. Upsc simply requires a bachelor’s degree from a university that has UGC approval.

Can IGNOU students apply for IAS exam?

Today, among the optional subjects selected by candidates, Geography is the most favored subject, followed by History, Public Administration, and Sociology. Every year, over 3000 candidates who are eligible to take the UPSC Mains (written exam) choose geography as an optional subject.

Is IGNOU providing UPSC coaching?

Give SC students access to high-quality, free coaching services for the Union Public Service Commission’s Civil Services Examinations (UPSC).

Which field is best for UPSC?

Sociology or political science are both acceptable majors. One can pass any government exam, including the UPSC, SSC CGL, State Public Commission Exams, and RRB, with the aid of these topics. These topics are incredibly enlightening and simple to comprehend.

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What are the disadvantages of IGNOU?

It is less valuable than traditional universities. They lack effective management and put more of an emphasis on quantity than quality. They offer no useful information. It has additional drawbacks like less or no networking, no classroom instruction, inadequate study resources, etc.

Is IGNOU degree tough?

We can’t dispute that passing the IGNOU exam can be a little difficult, but it’s not impossible. Since IGNOU conducts a rigorous evaluation, many students wonder if it will be difficult to pass this test.

Do IGNOU students get job?

You are aware that the first hurdle standing in your way of becoming an IAS is the UPSC Prelims. Every year, thousands of Indians take this exam. The IAS exam is regarded by many as being the most difficult in India. The IAS exam has the lowest success percentage, as you can see from the table above.