Is English Literature A Good Optional For Upsc?

Is literature Optional good for UPSC?

advantages of choosing literature as a secondary subject for IAS mains include: Your ability to write here is unrestricted. If you’ve been reading regularly since you were in school, you’ll do well on the exam. It’s usually a good idea to read anything from your optional syllabus to relieve the pressure of your GS preparation.

Is BA English Literature good for IAS?

The B.A. in English Literature is just as beneficial for the UPSC as other types of graduation. Everything depends on the choices and preferences you make on the various topics. Best wishes for your foray into the civil service.

Which is the safest optional for UPSC?

Sociology is regarded as a fairly safe elective subject because mastering it doesn’t involve any specialized knowledge, expertise, or academic training.

Which optional has smallest syllabus?

Out of all the optional subjects for the UPSC exam, philosophy has the shortest curriculum, which is why it is a popular choice among UPSC hopefuls.

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Which is easiest optional for UPSC?

Which UPSC optional topic is simple? Answer: It is simple to score well in the areas of geography, public administration, and sociology. According to the results from the previous year, many candidates received scores of more than 400 in these optional subjects.

Which is the least scoring optional subject in UPSC?

Political science, philosophy, and international relations. Public administration and psychology.

What is the scope of BA English literature?

Librarianship, archiving, bookselling, information and research, tourism, event management, social work, youth work, probation work, human resources, retail management, and sales are additional typical jobs with an English degree.

Which job is best for BA English literature?

Writer of content. Writing for the Arts. Journalism. Law, MBA, and mass communication. Civil services, social media marketing

Which is the most static optional UPSC?

Geography is the optional subject that the majority of candidates select because it consistently has the highest UPSC scores and is the most well-liked by applicants.

Which optional is the most scoring?

According to the general tendency, Mathematics, Anthropology, Sociology, any Literature, Public Administration, and Geography have the ability to assist you achieve 330 marks in optional exams (with your tremendous dedication, of course).

Which two optional subject is best for UPSC?

geography, sociology, and literature (Any) Agriculture, public administration, medical science, and anthropology. Psychology.

What is Tina Dabi salary?

She is an IAS officer who is currently employed by the Government of Rajasthan’s Finance Department as the Joint Secretary. Her monthly pay is between 56100 and 132k.

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Who secured highest marks in UPSC ever?

Kanishak Kataria, AIR-1 (Final Score: 1121/2025, 55.36%) Akshat Jain received AIR-2 (1080/2025, 53.33%). AIR-3 Junaid Ahmed (1077/2025, 53.18 percent)

Who is IAS Pradeep Gawande first wife?

In Jaipur, both are getting married. Tina Dabi, who won the UPSC, and Dr. Pradeep Gawande, an IAS, are now married. According to news sources, they were wed last week at a hotel near Jaipur. Following the couple’s social media engagement announcement, well wishes for them began to flood in from all around the nation.

Is UPSC removing optional?

Wear the right size to seem stylish. For the UPSC interview, women should preferable dress in formal Indian attire. A salwar suit would work if a sari makes you uncomfortable. Is Optional Subject eliminated from UPSC? But make sure whatever you wear is of a light, sober color. No, the UPSC Mains exam still includes the Optional Subjects.