Is Anthropology A Good Optional For Upsc?

Is anthropology a good optional subject for UPSC?

Among those aiming for the Civil Services, anthropology is one of the most popular UPSC elective subjects. Its success can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the readily available preparation tools and the syllabus’s simplicity and readability. Both of which support the assertion.

Who should choose anthropology optional?

Every year, about 500 candidates select it as an optional topic for the IAS (UPSC CSE) Mains. This course focuses on the biological, cultural, and social elements of people as a whole. because individuals with backgrounds in engineering or science are more likely to choose it.

Is anthropology best optional?

optional benefits of anthropology When compared to the fundamental humanities disciplines, it is regarded as scoring. Diagrams and flowcharts might help the answers seem more appealing because they are of a scientific character. These speed up the answering process and earn points. The course syllabus is not very long.

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Which optional is better sociology or anthropology?

It appears that more candidates favor sociology as an option. The course syllabus is relatively condensed. For the sociology optional, see the UPSC curriculum. It is simple to comprehend.

How tough is anthropology optional?

The study of anthropology is seen as being simple for science graduates. Science-related ideas are frequently used in the subject. For scientific students, this makes the topic simpler to understand.

Which is easiest optional for UPSC?

Which UPSC optional topic is simple? Answer: It is simple to score well in the areas of geography, public administration, and sociology. According to the results from the previous year, many candidates received scores of more than 400 in these optional subjects.

Which optional has shortest syllabus?

Out of all the optional subjects for the UPSC exam, philosophy has the shortest curriculum, which is why it is a popular choice among UPSC hopefuls.

Which is better history or Anthropology?

History looks for explanations for the causes and repercussions of specific events, whereas anthropology focuses mostly on homo sapiens (the humans). 5. While anthropology is focused on figuring out what makes people tick, history’s main goal is to know and comprehend the past.

Which is best zoology or Anthropology?

As a course for the B.Sc. level, zoology is preferable to anthropology since it has a wider range of applications.

Why do people choose Anthropology?

They might check your mark sheets if you provide them with them. There is no need to fear because you have already finished the backlogs, and your mark sheets are proof of this. No issues there.

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Which is better optional psychology or anthropology?

Anthropology is the social science that is better suited to your interests if you are interested in human culture and its diversity than psychology, which is more concerned with human behavior that takes into account both societal pressures and conformity along with virtues and peculiar behaviors that are found in various cultures.

Which is better anthropology or Public Administration?

There is nothing to compare between anthropology and public administration because they are different fields with different demands.

Which optional has most overlap with GS?

Nearly 40% of the GS syllabus and the Geography Optional syllabus overlap.

Who scored highest marks in optional?

In essence an engineer from IIT and an MBA from IIM, Gaurav Agarwal won the UPSC Civil Services Exam with Economics as his elective subject. In his elective subject, he earned 296 out of 500 possible points.

Does questions repeat in Anthropology optional?

No, there is no difference between a central and state EWS certificate. A single EWS certificate exists. You qualify for an EWS certificate if you meet all the requirements.