How To Write Notes From Newspaper For Upsc?

Should I make newspaper notes for UPSC?

The newspaper’s editorials are very important and are highly recommended while making notes since it consists of most current information regarding government schemes, geographical issues, RBI initiatives, poverty, drought, monsoon conditions, etc and you can use them while making notes for UPSC current affairs …

How do I write a newspaper note for UPSC Quora?

Prelims — notes from the Hindu needed only for current affairs under various sub topics (discussed below) Mains — GS 2 and 3. Optional — only certain optionals like PSIR, Pub Ad etc. Essay.

How to make notes from editorials for UPSC?

How to make smart notes for UPSC?

Make notes as much as possible in a crisp and precise way. Sticking to the point is most important in notes making as you may end up filling your notebook with irrelevant information, which may not have much use.

Can I skip reading newspaper for UPSC?

Aspirants should know that it is not necessary to read the whole newspaper in detail as part of your IAS preparation.

How many hours should a UPSC aspirant read newspaper?

Therefore, reading newspapers is important for gaining the basic knowledge required for the UPSC CSE. Also, the candidate cannot spend more than 2 hours reading the newspaper. The maximum time that can be spent reading the newspaper is 1 hour.

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Is one newspaper enough for UPSC?

The answer is NO! Though it is very important to follow one newspaper everyday, it is not necessary for an aspirant to read both the newspapers. Reading a newspaper involves going through the front page, national news, international news, economy section, some major sports news and the Editorials.

How do you make newspaper notes daily?

Highlight, underline important keywords and add information from trusted sources like PIB, Yojana, and PRS. An aspirant is expected to note down the summary of important issues and articles. Maintain the very essence of the article, note down the theme, facts, reasons, benefits, implications, etc.

Is Toppers notes enough for UPSC?

A single reading of ToppersNotes can prepare you up to 70% for UPSC exam.

Which app is best for UPSC notes?

Online Tyari. Features: ClearIAS. Features: IASbaba UPSC & IAS Preparation app. Features: VISION IAS. Features: Civilsdaily. Features: Unacademy Learning App. Features: BYJU’S – The Learning App. Features: