How To Prepare Geography Optional For Upsc?

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How do I start preparing for Geography optional in UPSC?

begin with NCERTs. consult with Atlas. Interlink Static and Dynamic element. focus on Maps & facts. observe the incorporated training method. Make Notes and talk to previous yr Questions. For Paper I. For Paper-II.

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Is Geography easy for UPSC optional?

choosing geography as elective for united states of america Mains can be beneficial for the applicants as it’s miles overlapping with the GS Paper 1 and at times beneficial for the essay paper additionally. but, analyzing geography as an elective concern entails amazing attempt due to the good sized syllabus and complexity of the situation.

How do you complete optional Geography?

Paper-1 in Geography elective covers topics- specifically, physical geography and human geography. determine in advance the segment from that you need to try the most questions and plan your observe desk for this reason. exercise find interrelations between the subjects explored in the syllabus for every paper.

How long does it take to prepare for Geography optional?

4-five months, in case you study Geography 12-15 hours in line with week. This must be enough. additionally, it relies upon on how tons are you able to keep in mind your graduation principles. ideally, aspirants want 4-5 months to finish the non-compulsory difficulty totally.

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Is Geography optional less scoring?

Geography as an non-obligatory problem is a totally scoring difficulty. many candidates that there is a lot of mugging up required on this concern which is completely fake. Geography is more of a conceptual difficulty. that is why candidates from a science or technical heritage find it very clean to score in geography.

Is Geography optional difficult?

Geography is simple to recognize and more clinical situation, it truly is why it is preferred by using many aspirants from technology, medical and engineering backgrounds.

Who is best teacher for Geography optional?

Akshay Sanjay Gurubhaiye is one of the great faculty for Geography elective. For the 2022 usa built-inationintegrated, Plutus IAS built-ing Institute has built-ingly certified school contributors available. Mr. Akshay Sanjay Gurubhaiye is one of the faculty contributors who offer the nice coachbuiltintegrated for Geography non-obligatory IAS built-inintegrated.

Who got the highest marks in Geography optional?

stated is the cutting-edge list of toppers of america who attained the best score in Geography elective topics, at the side of their marks from 2014 to 2018. Junaid Ahmed (AIR – 3) scored the very best marks in Geography optional challenge (america 2018) after Pratham Kaushik whose elective marks changed into 327 (u.s.a. 2017).

Which study material is best for Geography optional?

Indian Geography by way of D R Khullar. Human Geography by way of Majid Hussain. fashions and theories by Majid Hussain. Geographical notion via Dixit. Geographical notion by means of Sudipta Adhikary ( a good complement for thought topics) NCERT magnificence X text ebook, (vintage version) is right for economic Geography insurance.

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Which is the most scoring optional subject?

up to date-day on the overall trend, the up-to-date that have the potential up to date rating approximately 330 marks in up to dateryupdated assessments (upupdated enormous willpower, ofcourse) are arithmetic, Anthropology, Sociology, any Literature, Public administration and Geography.