How To Fill Daf For Upsc Mains 2019?

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What do you fill in a daf?

Personal Information. Educational Information. Parental Information. Employment Information. Upload documents. Final Submission.

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How to download DAF 1 upsc?

DAF-1 can be accessed at the official website of UPSC– or

How do you fill hobbies in DAF?

You Should be more specific in your hobby. For example , instead of mentioning only ‘reading’ as a hobby, it is better to be specific like reading novels, magazines, short stories, fiction, non-fiction, articles etc. This is very helpful and enabling your own preparation to be more specific and narrower.

How do I prepare for DAF?

How to prepare DAF I for UPSC Civil Services interview. Being truthful about hobbies and achievements. How to justify service and cadre preferences.

Where can I fill DAF for UPSC?

1. Candidates who have been declared qualified in the written part of the Examinations have to first get themselves registered before filling up the Online Detailed Application Form (DAF) at the website

How do I access my DAF?

Once you are on the home page, navigate to the drop-down option titled ‘Recruitment’ at the top of the screen and towards the middle. From there, you have to click on the ‘Recruitment Tests’ and you will find DAF under a list of options under Recruitment Tests.

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What is DAF 2 in UPSC?

All the candidates who qualify for Personality Test/Interview on the basis of Result of Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2022 are required to submit their Order of Preferences for Participating Services through an online Detailed Application Form (DAF) -II.

What is DAF online form?

DAF UPSC also known as the Detailed Application Form is for the candidates who have cleared the UPSC Prelims Examination. These selected candidates have to go appear for the UPSC Mains exam, and before that, they have to fill up the UPSC DAF form.

Can we lie in DAF?

Do not to lie on the DAF. It’s easier to figure out than you think. Leave the space blank if you didn’t do anything in that particular field (prizes, sports, leadership). Have a reasonable answer to why you did that.

How many hobbies are there in DAF?

In any case do not put too many hobbies on the DAF. We would recommend that you do not mention more than three hobbies if possible.