How To Approach Modern History For Upsc Blog?

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How to cover modern history for UPSC?

Modern Indian History: Understand the major events. India in 1750. British Expansion. Changes introduced by the British. Popular Uprisings and Revolts against the British. Socio-Religious Movements. The emergence of Indian Nationalism and India’s struggle for independence.

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Which notes is best for modern history for UPSC?

The Union Public Service Commission conducts the prestigious Civil Services Exam every year. These NCERT notes on the History of Modern India from the middle of the 18th century to India’s independence in 1947 are recommended for both, UPSC Prelims 2023 and the UPSC Mains 2023.

How to memorize modern history?

Reading notes out loud This helps you remember facts better as it is an active task rather than passive. Repeating notes weekly will help you memories all the content for modern history.

How can I approach history in UPSC?

Create a chronology for every period with the important events mentioned. Revise the entire syllabus at least two to three times in the entire time span. Solve previous year papers as well as IAS practice papers for History on a regular basis to have better preparation.

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Where to read Modern History for UPSC?

NCERT Class XI Modern India – Bipan Chandra. History of Modern World – Jain and Mathur. History of Modern India – Bipan Chandra. A New Look at Modern Indian History From 1707 to the Modern Times- Alka Mehta and B L Grover S.

How many days are required to complete Modern History?

If we follow the below breakdown of days to go through the spectrum of Modern History, it will take us only 10 days or a maximum of 12 days to cover it for Prelims. As we are going through the spectrum we should also prepare notes of about 10 to 20 pages of A4 size paper including all important details as points.

Is Modern History easy?

Modern History is a more well-rounded subject because it’s more flexible in how you learn. There are easier ways to learn topics, but it is still content-driven. This subject is for students passionate about all aspects of war, including how politics can influence tension between nations.

Who is the father of modern history?

Bishop William Stubbs is known as the ‘Father of Modern History’.

What topics comes under modern history?

Portuguese in India. Dutch in India. Danes in India. The English. The French. The Carnatic Wars. Anglo Maratha Wars. Doctrine of Lapse.

What are the 4 sources of modern history?

Material sources. Historical buildings. Paintings. Statues and sculptures. Written sources. Books. Government documents. Newspapers and magazines.