How T Find A Mentor For Upsc Civil Services?

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How can I get mentor for UPSC preparation?

To book your own personal mentor for UPSC Preparation, call +91 92435 00460.

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How can I get free mentor in UPSC?

In our mentorship program, Freecademy IAS is taking services of serving/retired civil servants ( IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS officers.) These officers will guide you round the year. They shall meet you whenever possible.

Is mentorship necessary for UPSC?

It is true that UPSC-CSE preparation can be done through self-study. However, a mentor is needed definitely at different levels of this examination no matter an aspirant is enrolled in regular coaching or not. The mentorship is now formalised through various mentorship programs for aspirants.

Where can I find a UPSC study partner?

You can find a good study partner on Telegram. Join UPSC prepration channels there . For guidance you can contact anyone but be specific towards your queries and Don’t create an obstacle for someone.

Is it too late to find a mentor?

Despite what you might think, you are never too old to benefit from the helpful guidance of a mentor.

Where can I find free mentors?

Join PushFar. PushFar is the world’s leading career progression and mentoring platform. LinkedIn. For those unfamiliar with LinkedIn, it’s a social media platform that is career and business-oriented. Friends and family. Co-workers.

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Is Lbsnaa free for IAS?

There are no particular training fees taken by LBSNAA. Instead, during the training period of two years in LBSNAA, IAS officers are paid a “Special Pay Advance” or monthly “stipend”. The minimum stipend ranges from Rs. 35000 to Rs.

Can a mentor charge a fee?

A mentoring program provides significant benefits to both the mentee and the mentee’s employer, so there is plenty of justification to charge a program fee. This can be paid either by the individual or by their employer.

Can IAS cracked without coaching?

No; unless the institutes are misguiding you. Upon checking the profiles of candidates who cleared IAS, we can also see that there are candidates who cleared with coaching, without coaching, left the job for self-preparation, who cleared the exam while working and so on.

Which coaching has highest success rate in UPSC?

What is IAS? Top 10 Best IAS Coaching in India Ranking 2022. #1. Legacy IAS Academy, Bangalore. #2. Vajiram and Ravi’s IAS Academy, New Delhi. #3. Rau’s IAS Study Circle (New Delhi) #4. Sathya IAS Academy, Chennai. #5. Brain Tree India, Hyderabad. #6. Astitva I.A.S, Jaipur.